Friday, 27 December 2013

Mars conjunct Vindemiatrix - Shaking the vine to gather the fruit


This connection is now active until 30th December and occurs at 10:08 degrees Libra

Mars is now moving through the stars of the constellation of Virgo and it is hooking up with Vindemiatrix. This star has two nicknames. The first is the "Grape Picker or Gatherer", of course connected to harvest time and the collection of grapes before pressing. This star does have connections to gathering and collecting, and often those with planet conjunctions to this star do have this trait in their personality for gathering things, collecting items and reaping what one has sown. The other nickname for Vindemiatrix is a bit more sinister, as it is known as the Widow Maker". Tradition says that one can lose one's partner or spouse in unfortunate circumstances if there is a connection to this star.

Mars does bring energy to this star and you may be very interested in gaining knowledge and bits of information now, finding out what is going on around you; this conjunction promotes research and getting to the truth. Mars is an aggressive influence as well and it increases the likelihood of conflict between those with different ideas, beliefs or cultures.

With Mars inconjunct to Chiron at the moment, square to Pluto and opposing Uranus, any disputes in your life could become nasty and very hurtful, especially if you are diametrically opposed to the ideas that someone else has. As for the "Widow Maker" tag, I don't think that this star realistically will see the death of a partner, but it could help facilitate the break up of a relationship, especially as Venus is retrograde and we are all naturally reviewing those partnerships we have in our lives...

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