Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ceiling collapses on the audience at the Apollo Theatre in London.


Part of the ceiling has collapsed onto the audience below during a performance of a play called "Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night-Time", a time when the theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue in the heart of the West End would have been packed by up to 700 people. The audience heard a creaking sound about 40 minutes into the play and then a large amount of plaster fell onto those at the front of the stalls.


This incident happened at around 20.15 this evening and the chart for this time in London sees a very nasty Mars Uranus Pluto t-square focused on Pluto the planet of destruction in the 5th house of entertainment. Mars moving into range of Pluto and Uranus must have triggered the collapse also causing the emergency services to act, and the unpredictable nature of Uranus must also be to blame here. The chart tonight also sees a quindecile from that Pluto to the Moon in Cancer representing a destructive event involving the general public and a wide opposition to Jupiter ruling the 5th house at the time of the collapse completes a difficult looking chart.

This comes a day after the full Moon in Gemini which for London saw Saturn sitting bang on the Midheaven, something I did notice when I wrote my piece on the Full Moon on 12th December but failed to mention. Maybe I should have as this incident happened just one day after it occurred.

The accident sounds like a very nasty incident, and my thoughts as ever go out to those who were caught up in it...

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