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Virgo Rising – Your horoscope forecast for December 2013


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Virgo as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

For those of you with Virgo rising at the time that you were born, this month is important for matters at home and with family, for relations with your mother and other women in your life. Sagittarius rules part of your horoscope and for most of the month Mercury is in the sign of the archer alongside the Sun.  You will certainly be more concerned about you family and you will naturally want to spend more time at home, but your thoughts and emotions will also be drawn to looking more inwardly at yourself and things that happened in the past as well. Events that affected you deeply in previous years will need to be assessed so that you can work out why they happened in order that you can solve any current problems or issues in your life. This therefore is a time of quite a lot of reflection and self-analysis. This is a great time for discovering your family roots and studying your genealogy or you may have the inclination to settle down with a good book to lose yourself in an imaginary world, rather than facing the world that you are currently in. The New Moon on the 3rd December in Sagittarius conjunct to the fixed star Antares may shake emotions up in your family and home and maybe you will decide to change things around in your home, redecorate or have a fresh start in some way? Also on this day Neptune makes a deceptive and tricky square to Mercury so maybe your partner or spouse is hiding something from you or maybe there will be some disagreements between you both? The full Moon in Gemini on the 17th will highlight work matters and relations with your father, your boss or people in authority and these people’s actions or decisions may affect you now. On the positive side, a sudden opportunity may arise for you to do new and exciting new tasks at work if you are lucky.

The planets Venus and Uranus are very much in the spotlight in this month of December as they both switch direction within a few days of each other. Venus is the planet of relationships, money possessions and personal values and on the 17th December it grinds to a halt before starting to move retrograde for a 6 week period. Venus is in the sign of Capricorn and this equates to your 5th house of love, children, creativity, hobbies and risk. As such this is not a good time for you to start a new love affair or to take any undue chances as your judgement may be impaired and the relationship you thought was right for you may in time turn out to be a big mistake. Children may cause problems for you in their behaviour and I would not suggest that you gamble or risk your money as the chances are that you will not have luck on your side. In creative and artistic terms Venus retrograde could be a good time especially if you return to ideas you had when Venus was direct. This allows you to think more inwardly and emotionally and this could bring out  latent emotions into your work. Uranus in contrast finishes a long retrograde period and turns direct on the 21st, 4 days later. Uranus is in your 8th house of sharing, power and change and this shift in direction may bring to an unexpected end some part of your life. Might your partner’s unpredictable finances be a focus for you now, might you have to deal with a debt problem, might matters of an intimate nature have a big impact on your life? For sure you will feel the urge to make big changes through controlling and manipulative actions you take that others will not be expecting.

Finally it is time to look at the planet of action Mars and to see how it is affecting your chart. In this month is shifts into the sign of Libra for a 6 month stay and thus it will be moving into your 2nd house of money, personal finance, possessions and your own self worth for an extended time. Certainly you will be feeling more confident of your own values and personal beliefs and you might be more inclined to express them verbally. Try not to impose your views too forthrightly on others otherwise you could encourage opposition to your ideas and beliefs. Mars being in Libra wants to see equality and justice and you will be particularly motivated to fight your corner over financial issues if you see unfairness. Mars in this part of your chart makes you very active in wanting to use your hard earned money, and you might find that this is quite an expensive transit for you to endure as you are likely to go on a bit of a spending spree.

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