Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Venus opposite to Jupiter - Let the good times roll...


We have an lovely opposition in the skies today and tomorrow between Venus the planet of love, money and relating with people and Jupiter the planet of optimism and expansion. This is a good time combination in the skies and it brings jovial moods and a desire to let go and to enjoy oneself, but there will be just a hint of a temptation to take things just a little bit too far. This could be through eating and drinking a bit too much or being overly generous or spending more than you can afford. This is a lovely time for going out, socializing and meeting new people and generally letting your hair down a little. One slight downside might be that everyone will be in a more forgiving mood now and you might let someone off the hook who quite frankly does not deserve it.

All in all, these times don't come along so often in the skies above us, so do take advantage of the planets in a good party mood. This aspect comes along just in time for all of you in the United States who are celebrating Thanksgiving. From London best wishes to all my American readers at this time of year. Enjoy...

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