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Scorpio Rising – Your horoscope forecast for December 2013


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Scorpio as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Now lets have a look at Scorpio rising for the month of December. For you the Sun and early into the month Mercury join up in the part of your horoscope concerned with money, possessions and your personal values. All those with Scorpio rising will have had difficult times recently but you might take the chance to loosen up the purse strings or open up the wallet just a little and spend on things that will make yourself feel a little better than you have done previously. This is generally a good time for business and financial transactions, so shopping trips and sorting out your personal finances will be on your agenda. Mercury is particularly switched on when it comes to dealing with work contracts and any dealings where you can make money, however be a little careful with the people you are dealing with on the 3rd December as the planet of the mind makes a difficult square to Neptune, the planet of deception. The New Moon also on the 3rd lands on the star Antares and this will highlight financial matters for you even more. Will a new money making opportunity come along, will you decide to sell a prized possession or will you splash out on something you have always wanted to own? The Full Moon in Gemini on the 17th occurs in your 8th house, the house of sharing, other people’s finances, sex, control and the unexplained. This is a full Moon where you have to balance your priorities against the needs of others. You will want to look after your own affairs first yet you may have to pay off your debts to others unexpectedly, or even help someone out financially who needs assistance. Please make sure everything occurs on your terms before you agree to do so, not only in a financial sense but also in intimate relations also. The Moon shines it’s light on matters of sex and intimacy and maybe you might want to get much closer to a certain person who you have had your eye on.

The two planets Venus and Uranus both change direction in December; Venus turns retrograde and Uranus turns direct. Venus to start with and it is moving in your 3rd house of communications, education, neighbours and close relatives. Yes, this is a time when you will get to know your local surroundings a little better and you may have new neighbours to get to know too, however from the 17th December onwards for 6 weeks as Venus turns retrograde it will be time to reassess your relationship with these people as you learn some new truths about them. As with always when Venus is retrograde it is not a good idea to start a relationship at this time, especially with a neighbour or someone who lives close by. You might have a second chance to learn something that you have wanted to study for some time. Uranus begins to move direct in your 6th house from the 21st December onwards and now you will want to be more independent of your work colleagues, or have new and exciting projects to your  mind working. Your work routine may be changed or you might be asked to do some unsocial hours. There may be disruption to your daily routine or you could be subject to unexpected health problems or stress headaches; if you are at all worried please consult a professional.

Mars progresses in the sign of Libra in the first week of December and it will remain here for the next 6 months. Mars in this hidden part of your chart indicates that you will be rather frustrated in your efforts to get things done and completed in a manner that you will find satisfactory. Mars in the 12th house loses some vitality and you will not feel as energetic as you normally would do. You may find that you get irritable and upset at times during this transit and it might be an idea to withdraw away a little from social life to recharge your batteries. One other way you might find useful to spend some of your time is to help people out who needs your assistance. Mars in this house may indicate that you may have or start a  physical relationship which has to be hidden from view in some regards.

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