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Cancer Rising – Your horoscope forecast for December 2013


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Cancer as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

All of you with Cancer Ascendants are going to find that everyday work, health and routine are the major factors affecting you in the month of December as the Sun (and from the 5th December) Mercury join forces in your 6th house. In this regard you will become more aware of getting things right and correct and your attention to detail will be good, and you could become rather critical of those around you if they don’t come up to the standards you want to set, and this could lead to undue stress and anxiety within you. I can imagine that if you are planning Christmas, and I suspect you will be the one doing the planning, it will be done with purpose and precision. Because of your love of food and cooking (Cancerian Ascendants love their food) you may well be the one who volunteers to cook for everyone too, just because you know you will get it done perfectly. You may already make a conscious decision during this month that once we get to the New Year a improved health regime will be your resolution for 2014. The New Moon on the 3rd as well as the Mercury Neptune square exact on the same day will make you dream of far off places and you might get a bit absent minded at work and thus make uncharacteristic mistakes. The full Moon on the 17th in the sign of Gemini occurs in your house of sacrifice and solitude and it might mean that during this time you might want to get away from the pre Xmas rush on the odd occasion to enjoy your own company and a bit of peace and quiet. It may also encourage you to do your bit for those less fortunate than you are who may not have the chance to enjoy the festive season as much as you may do.

Two planets turn in different directions in the month of December and these are Venus and Uranus. Venus on the 17th of the month stations and then begins a 6 week period moving retrograde. Venus is in the sign of Capricorn and is moving in your 7th house of permanent relationships. This could well put a great strain on any long term personal ties that you have, either personal or professional. Maybe there will differences of opinion between yourself and your loved one or a business partner over financial issues or over matters of ownership? Venus retrograde will cast a shadow over your marriage at a particularly stressful time of the year however if you use this energy constructively then maybe you can reassess your commitments to each other and come out the other end of Venus retrograde a stronger unit than when it started? This is not a good time to begin any business agreements and I would hang on until February 2014 before making any formal or legally binding ones. Uranus begins to turn direct on 21st December in your 10th house, the part of your chart connected to work and career. I think that this moment will make you think about the future and you may start to wonder if you should be going in a new direction in career terms in the fullness of time. If you have already made this change recently, then you might find that unexpected responsibilities or projects and plans that you didn’t foresee landing on your desk or in your lap. These may give you a chance to be more independent or put your own individual stamp on the work you have to do.

Mars is the planet of action and also of friction and it finds itself moving into the sign of Libra on the 5th of December. This places Mars in your 4th house, the area of your chart concerned with family, where you live and also your mother and women. In this house Mars will encourage you to be very active at home, be it entertaining guests, changing or moving things around or maybe doing DIY or improving the look of your house or apartment. Relations with your family, with women in general and in particular with your mother may see some tension and I would not be surprised if  you become a little aggravated and irritable with their actions.

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