Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Uranus Pluto Square November 2013 – Major changes are on the way.


A critical few days are awaiting many of us now, especially if you have any planets at 9 degrees of any sign (or generally between 8-10 degrees for a slightly less potent effect). If you do have any at these degree on your chart, then it is highly likely that your life is going to be turned upside down, in either a good way or a bad way in the next couple of days.

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The principle reason is that of course the Uranus Pluto square makes another exact hit on the 1st November at about 04:20 am GMT at 9:26 degrees (Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn). This square is all about radical change and transformation with the onus this time about actual changes that are happening and not just shouting and screaming about it. This is because Pluto this time is moving direct and Uranus is retrograde and Pluto thus is taking precedence....

Now it's not just Uranus and Pluto that are at 9 degrees. Mars is approaching 9 degrees Virgo trine to Pluto and inconjunct to Uranus, the Sun in a couple of days will be at 9 degrees Scorpio as will Mercury which is now retrograde moving back towards this degree zone. The Moon will be getting in on the act, Chiron will be at 9:17 degrees Pisces and even the North and South Nodes are close enough at 7:50 Scorpio/Taurus to have an effect. We have a veritable log jam of planets all hitting the same degree zone and if you have any planets in the hit zone then they will be subject to a lot of pressure in the next couple of days.

That inconjunct I talk about is part of a yod forming focused on Uranus putting an emphasis on Uranian themes right now, from friendship and group activities, to perverse behaviour, technology and science, independence and of course a revolution of sorts that will be activated into an actual transformation of your life by Pluto. With Mars part of this yod we see direct action, maybe anger and vitriol too opposed to Chiron which will bring an element of wounding and healing to everything that we are facing. Maybe these Martian actions will hurt like crazy or maybe they will initiate much healing inside us, or maybe both. The Moon opposing Uranus will sharpen emotions and with Mercury and the Sun in on the act then things will be said and/or communicated or decisions will be made that will change lives forever.

My advice to all of you if you have planets in the 8-10 degrees zone on your chart is to embrace the change that is coming and not to fear it, and then you will find that life will probably free up in ways that you would have hardly thought possible...

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