Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mars conjunct Thuban – Protecting with all your might what you hold dear.

Thuban dragon

This connection is just forming and is active through until the end of 28th October 2013. It occurs at 7:39 degrees Virgo.

The star Thuban sits in the constellation of Draco, the dragon and for thousands of years this part of the sky has always been seen in terms of a snake, serpent or dragon, as is now the case. This constellation sits high in the northern skies and Thuban as a star never sets below the horizon, and thus the dragon in the skies also got the reputation of never sleeping. This constellation sits close to the pole star and is seen as protecting it, and as you may be aware, Dragons in legend guard treasure and jewels and that are sacred.

The basic premise of the star Draco then is to strongly guard that which is precious to you and also to hoard your own treasures and values, the things that are dear to your heart. Connected to active and forceful influence of Mars, this Dragon star in the skies becomes very defensive, and will strike back if the objects being protecting are threatened.

I ask you the question. Is there something precious that you desperately want for yourself, something that you want to control or have power over? Is there an idea that you jealously guard, is there a possession you have that you keep for yourself and you will never let anyone anywhere near? This weekend your protective instincts will be very strong and woe betide anyone who tried to take, steal, borrow or use anything that you rightly feel is yours. You also may feel or sense some fear that you will lose something precious.

In the world protectionism will be very strong now and the idea of defending what is yours. The spying row between the US and several prominent European states and leaders around the world is a classic example of Mars conjunct Thuban, as something precious and classified has been infiltrated and compromised, and the need to fight back and defend privacy and confidentiality will be very strong indeed. Watch out for international relations being very strained for a while to come. Countries will now start to be stronger at their borders, they will defend their rights and beliefs, and will act to strengthen and promote any good economic news that now comes out. 

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