Friday, 18 October 2013

Jupiter conjunct Castor – Expressing a positive opinion.


This connection is active now and lasts until 2nd December 2013. It occurs at 20:26 degrees Cancer.

Jupiter is going to be spending a long time sitting conjunct to the star Castor in the constellation of Gemini as Jupiter is now slowing down to a halt before turning retrograde on 7th November. Castor is one of the stars in the constellation of the twins, Gemini. As you will know the two twins of Gemini were called Castor and Pollux and they were very much seen as opposite types of characters. Castor was a horseman in Greek mythology and representative of the bright morning star and Pollux was a boxer connected to the evening star and those thieves and people of the night who lived in the shadows. As you can see with these two stars we have a polarity of good versus evil, light versus dark, of moving forward and of holding back.

Castor as you can tell is the lighter of these two, the more optimistic influence in the constellation of Gemini. This constellation is very tied to communication and to the use of words and language and very often writers have a link between the star Castor (or Pollux) and one of their natal planets. I myself have Castor conjunct to my natal Mercury, and quite appropriately I love telling stories and sharing my ideas and thoughts through the written word. Indeed expressing ideas and exploring the meanings of things through research without resorting to looking into the darker side of life is a very appropriate way to explain the effect that this star has.

Now with Jupiter sitting here for an extended period, it's influence of optimism, expansion, speculation, of learning and teaching, of faith and its need for justice are combined with Castor. So how will this connection play out? I think that this is a great time for any kind of research that you wish to do, especially if it means that you learn something new and valuable not only about a specific subject but also about yourself too. This is a time for expressing what you believe in and telling others about it, this is a wonderful connection for writers and bloggers of all kinds. Certainly I think in my own case that I am going to be very busy in Astrological terms on my own blog here as well as on my my Facebook page.

Maybe this connection is good for taking a risk in expression an opinion and for spreading information, although there is a danger of legal ramifications if you say something too controversial. I wonder if any notable libel cases will start now? Maybe you can work out how to bring two separate entities together under the same roof under Jupiter conjunct Castor and in the world look out for countries, nations or leaders who have very differing philosophical views uniting under a common banner, idea or cause.

In the same regard, this is a time of negotiation and working out the middle ground between people, situations and things and maybe you will find the inspiration to sort out an intractable problem under this influence, especially once Jupiter stations and turns retrograde allowing you to go back over and review what has been done or said? If you are bold and believe in the risks that you are taking now then you can come out ultimately successful and richer in the way that you know yourself and relate to other people once this connection is completed.

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