Monday, 21 October 2013

Australian bushfires continue to rage out of control in New South Wales.

Aussie Fires

In New South Wales up in the Blue mountains west of Sydney huge bushfires are sweeping through the countryside consuming and destroying all in their path, indeed these fires have been the considered the worst in 40 years to hit the Australian nation. Sydney has been blanketed in a smoky haze and as yet many of these fires are yet to be under any sort of control and there is a fear that if a few of these fires combine then suburbs in the city itself could be in peril.

Australia Oct 13 

In Astrology, destruction of this mass kind are caused by two factors, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of fire and heat and you will see that Mars on the Aussie chart is currently moving through the 4th house of the land of the nation. At this critical moment, transiting Mars, the planet that rules this chart with Aries being on the Ascendant and also ruling the 12th house of suffering is now square to the Australian Nodal axis, this fire is dictating the fate and the destiny of this nation right at this moment.

Pluto of course is the planet of mass destruction. I always consider Pluto is like a forest fire, burning everything to the ground before allowing new growth to flourish and throughout the past year, Pluto on the Australian chart has been in contact with the Australian Sun, which of course rules the 4th house (via Leo) that Mars is currently passing through. That Pluto is also making a trine to the Aussie natal Mars and a dissipating and yet still significant conjunction to the Australian natal Saturn, the planet of loss.

That natal Mars is under a lot of pressure now with transiting Uranus in the 12th house making a nasty and disruptive inconjunct aspect bringing unexpected and shocking events to bare causing upset and yet more suffering. That Uranus is also making a difficult square aspect to the Aussie Sun as well. Transiting Chiron, the wounded healer is opposing the natal Mars. This is a wound on the nation that will take a long time to heal.

Transiting Venus is now making an applying opposition to the Australian natal Pluto and also a separating square to the Aussie natal Mars after making a a series of conjunctions to the natal Uranus Venus conjunction in the 8th house of enforced change. Venus rules the 6th house of the services like the police, army and fire fighters, the ones who have been facing this crisis head on. Venus of course is the planet which out of all of the planets in our solar system that rules the environment and you can see that through its transit in the 8th house that the countryside is undergoing a transformation through violent and shocking change.

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