Friday, 20 September 2013

Venus conjunct Acrux and Alphecca – Testing your priorities within relationships

Garland of flowers

These conjunctions are starting to form now and last a couple of days until 22nd September. They occur at 12:03 degrees Scorpio (Acrux) and 12:29 Scorpio (Alphecca).

This is a really fascinating set of connections that are coming up this weekend. Venus of course is the planet of relationships, of money, possessions and of love and connecting with these two different influences may be very enlightening. Acrux is a star in Crux the constellation of the Southern Cross and this star is very much connected to the material world, to money and the visible side of any partnership what you own. Any relationships seen under this influence are likely to be tinged by how much it is worth to the respective partners, what can you accrue and gain.

Alphecca on the other hand is a star in the Corona Borealis, the female crown or garland of flowers. Here one is often offered a chance for improvement or a rise in social status through luck or love, but it always comes at a cost. I have seen this star sitting conjunct someone’s Ascendant and I know this effect to be scarily accurate.
Venus here linking with these two stars accentuates the financial side of any social dealings, and I think that money and what is owned by who is going to be a bone of contention over the next couple of days. Issues of how much something is worth may crop up in your life and economic concerns may well dominate this weekend. You know money and love when they are intertwined can cause huge problems between people and Venus’ darker side may well be as a result of seeing love in purely financial terms rather than for what it should be, two people caring deeply and truly for one another. You may be tested by these issues over Saturday and Sunday.

There is one more completely different metaphor that is going to happen this weekend that absolutely encapsulated this conjunction. In Germany, Angela Merkel is set to win her 3rd election in a row. The planet Venus, one of the major female influences in the night skies is connecting with Acrux, a star of materialism and structure, and with Alphecca, a star representing the crown of a woman. The stars say that a female is going to gain power and glory and in Germany, Angela is going to be reaffirmed again as the most powerful woman in the world. The thing is, Alphecca says this comes at a price this time. I wonder what that might be?

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