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New Moon in Libra – Do you stick, or do you twist?

Moon 4

One again we are closing in on the dark time of the month and yet an another cycle is beginning as we approach this Libran new Moon on the 5th October 2013 or on the 4th if you are in the Americas or Caribbean. This is the last New or Full Moon before we get to the latest eclipse season, and this time the themes that come shining through are about balance, of giving and taking and more pertinently this time around because of the positions of the other planets in the skies of keeping the rule of law and respecting that we do have limits despite the pressures urging us to be a little more devil may care.


Libra as you will know is represented in modern depictions as the scales, a component part of Lady Justice who stands blindfold with a sword in one hand and the scales in the other. I think that balance, equality and justice is going to be a dominant theme that will be sparked by this particular new Moon. As you will be aware new Moon are the seeds of actions and decisions that eventually will bare fruit at a full Moon in the future, in effect the decisions take now will have ramifications later on.

Why do I focus in on these particular themes this time around? Well Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion that this new Moon opposes, makes an almost exact inconjunct aspect to Saturn, the planet of restriction, solidity and of keeping things as they are. Saturn lays down the law and instructs us to tow the line, Uranus tells us to go against the establishment and to look for something new or radical. Uranus normally wants to get it’s own way and the human temptation is always to progress, that’s why Uranus always eventually wins out (after all it is the slower moving as thus more powerful planet), but this is never without a struggle and many false dawns first. You will know what I am saying, especially in relationship terms. How many of us ever get things right first time? Saturn’s lesson to us is always  that before we are able to move forward we will have to accept that we can’t have everything that we want in our lives and we will make mistakes that we have to learn from. I think we are coming to one of those pause moments when we step back and survey everything around us, and maybe just maybe we will have to settle for less than we hoped for. Who knows though, maybe it will be for the best and the right decision after all?

Where does the new Moon comes in all of this? Well any new Moon represents a beginning and this one in particular shines a light on looking at both sides of the current story going on in your life. This is a new Moon of pros and cons, balancing one option against another, or working out whether our actions this time will be right or wrong. Opposite us is the chance to make some progress, to move things forward but Uranus is retrograde and Saturn affecting the planet of originality and rebellion is moving direct, thus Saturn this time has the advantage as the planet moving in a forward direction. The sign of Libra where the new energy is on this day is that of vacillation and compromise, so I feel that despite the temptations on offer from Uranus, we will be urged to stick for now with what we know, uphold our obligations, stay to the well trodden path or the more conservative option available. This is the route that the planets are directing us down. Now, if we try to bend the rules, push the envelope too much, innovate more than we should or try to beat the system or go too quickly, then the powers that be will come crashing down on us. As a friend I know would put it, it’s time to play the odds. Do we put all our chips on 7 black, or do we hedge our bets a little right now and place our money on a red number coming up? 

Libra is also the sign of relationships not only of how we see other people but also of how other people see us, of harmony, beauty and diplomacy. I think that any relationships started now will have a distinct transformational and rather exciting quality to them. The instability of Uranus opposed to the new Moon brings an electric and dangerous edge, and Pluto squaring means that any people that you hook up with now will change you, for better or for worse. Venus that rules Libra will be forming a dissipating square to Mars and also a wide applying square to Neptune. Passions will burn but there is an elusive and deceptive quality that the relationships we are having and will develop. Be careful of the acquaintances that you make, especially in the week after this new Moon has formed.

These squares are super however for those with artistic leanings who need inspiration in the coming weeks. Starting a new project of this type now will bring plenty of energy and action (Mars) and the feeling that there are little if any limits to the imagination (Neptune) that can be used. I feel that innovative technological work based on things that we are already aware, of using the inconjunct aspect between Uranus and Saturn as a positive influence of change and adaption, could be particularly successful.

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