Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mars square Saturn – Running headlong into a brick wall


Just a heads up for you all that tomorrow (9th September 2013) we see the exact square in the skies between Mars and Saturn, the planets of action locking horns with the planet of limitation. This time around Mars is in exuberant Leo and Saturn is moving in deep and intense Scorpio, two fixed signs which will precipitate a real stand off in planetary energy.

Mars in Leo wants to get things done and to do it in a flamboyant manner, it wants to make a visible statement to the world and to show off exactly what it can do. Running into Saturn is a problem for Mars, as Saturn is going to be in no mood to let Mars have it’s own way. Mars may well want to challenge the rule of law and fight against it, but Saturn will not yield this time. Saturn is like the proverbial brick wall in the way urging us to slow down, to stop and to think about our actions and why we are doing them. Maybe we are being too hasty, maybe we are not thinking straight, maybe our plans are all wrong and we need a correction in our progress? You say all you like about Saturn and you can hate his intervention in our lives, but he is there for a reason, he wants us to stop and reassess our progress.This will be a necessary correction that he is providing for us all, to stop us running away with ourselves. The faster you put your foot down on the accelerator, the more destruction you will cause to yourself and others if you happen to make a mistake and hit something solid.

You may feel a discernable frustration in the air now and in the next couple of days as the square hardens before it starts to dissipate. Some area of your life is going to be blocked or maybe new rules will be imposed on you. You may feel low on energy, find big bills now have to be paid, something may break down or severely delay you. Tomorrow on the 9th, the Moon comes along to make a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio for a short while and this could bring an emotional element into the mix or a family or female intervention might be part of the whole picture. Might issues surrounding matters of the heart come to some sort of resolution right now?

Rather than fighting against the odds, it is probably advisable to back down and look at your options as they will appear once this aspect has passed through, indeed you will soon be asked to makes some important decisions once Venus moves into Scorpio in the middle of next week. Take your medicine and bide your time as the chance to make progress and get moving again is not so far off in the future.

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