Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mars conjunct Dubhe – Bringing out the protective side of your nature


This conjunction comes into effect on 19th September lasting until 22nd September 2013. It occurs at 15:23 degrees Leo

Ursa Major or the great bear is one of the most noticeable constellations in the night sky and the main and brightest star found within it is Dubhe. Bears are not naturally aggressive animals unless they are provoked; indeed they will rarely attack unless they are protecting their offspring. In the norm, they are strong, persistent, patient, have tremendous endurance and they understand the rhythm of the seasons, hibernating during the harsh winters and making the most of the abundance of the spring and summer months. In the same manner, this star takes it’s lead from these qualities brings a quiet calm and patient approach to solving problems and a love and appreciation of nature too.

mars dubhe

Mars on making contact with Dubhe will however bring out the protective and more aggressive side of this generally gentle star and here we have defensive action coming more to the fore. Also in line with the more physical and sexual side of Mars, there is action to create and to procreate. So what does this mean for us all? Well if you have anything that is dear to your heart then you will guard it with all your might during the 3-4 days that this conjunction is active, your protective instincts will be extremely enhanced. This is a time also for individual creativity, be it in an artistic manner for or showing and making love to the special person in your life; Mars when travelling in the sign of Leo rarely holds back when it really wants something…

Out in the world, international protective instincts may come to the fore, maybe through trade or an embargo on countries, possibly on the transfer or sales of weapons, expect barriers of some sort to be put up. On the 20th, Mars makes an exact sextile to Mercury, so there is the chance for either sharp ideas or vigorous debate, especially over relationships or alliances between countries, in diplomacy or over points of international law, highlighted by the fact that Mercury is in the sign of justice, Libra.

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