Monday, 23 September 2013

Kenya - Terror at a Nairobi shopping mall

nairobi shopping mall

Over the weekend, a horrendous attack by the Al Shabaab militant group on the Westgate shipping mall in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, claimed the lives of 62 people, 175 were injured and several of the group are still in the centre holding hostages, surrounded by the Kenyan military forces. Reports indicated that the attack is in retaliation for Kenya’s intervention in the war in Somalia. Al Shabaab have a fearsome reputation and it is unlikely that this tense situation will end without more blood being spilt.

Kenya transits 

The natal Kenyan chart formed in 1963 has the Uranus Pluto conjunction of that era sitting on the Ascendant so it is no surprise that such a violent attack should happen when Uranus is square to Pluto nearly 50 years on. Looking at those two transiting planets alone, Uranus is sitting in the 7th house of relations with other neighbours, a house which is also the ruler of open enemies. Transiting Uranus on Jupiter invariable in a natal chart has unexpected international events for the nation and this time it is an international terrorist group that is causing mayhem.

In the skies above us, there is a transiting Saturn/Venus conjunction and right now it is making an very tricky inconjunct aspect to transiting Uranus. Uranus is shocking and unpredictable, Saturn represents buildings as well as loss and grieving and Venus represents shopping and commerce, this aspect aimed at the Kenyan Jupiter rolls into one what has been going on in Nairobi.  Transiting Uranus has also been making in inconjunct aspect to the Kenyan Ascendant/Uranus conjunction too, forming a very volatile and dangerous temporary yod. Uranus through Aquarius rules the Kenyan 6th house of the military and police services and these were quite naturally dragged in to sort out the crisis that was unfurling.

What of transiting Pluto, the planet of death, destruction and underground action? Well, whenever a planet is stationary then it seems to pack more of a punch and Pluto has only just turned direct and as such is in my mind in quite a brutal mood. It is currently sitting on Kenya’s Mercury, the chart and Midheaven ruler, so this bringing this awful attack to the world’s attention and also as a warning shot to Kenya’s leaders. Transiting Mars moving in the shadows of the Kenyan 12th house has been making a square to Neptune bringing violence and chaos, a trine to the Sun forcing the leaders to authorise force and an opposition to Saturn again another violent signature, showing a threat being issued to the Kenyan government.

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