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Full Moon in Pisces – Deciding what to keep and what to discard.

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With the Full Moon on the 19th September 2013 we are coming to the end of the latest Astrological cycle. This full Moon in Pisces is the final release point for this lunar year, so we are at the end of a journey and quite appropriately this is a harvest new Moon, the time when we reap what we have sown. The crops have reached their peak and unless we cut them down or pick them for our consumption then they will start to get over-ripe or begin to lose their freshness and taste. From here on in the plants begin to wither and die as the the darker part of the year approaches. As I will explain, the metaphors within this particular full Moon all sit here in the Astrology and give us a stark warning if we fail to reap our harvest.


Now if you look around the web about this full Moon in Pisces you will see all the usual stuff about this being a spiritual, compassionate full Moon and you should get out the incense sticks and play soft gentle music etc etc etc but this is only a small piece of this very influential full Moon. This full Moon works across the sacrifice (Pisces) and service (Virgo) axis of the chart and thus we are being asked to let go of the details, our analytical side, our worries and our practical problems all associated with Virgo to the more expansive and less organised Pisces side of our lives, our intuition, our spiritual beliefs, yes our compassion too and our imaginations. I say asked, well this time there is a little more pressure on us to do so as I will go on to explain.

The reason is buried a little deeper into the chart above. As mentioned before, all Full moons show a release and this is the ultimate end of a 6 month long cycle begun on the 10th April, the last time we had a New Moon in Aries. What was going on in your life then? What was forming? Did that time in your life begin a phase that is seemingly coming now to a close? Have a think back. That chart showed a conjunction of Venus and Mars in conjunction to the new Moon, so I am guessing that a lot of relationships will have started to form then. I wrote at that time “This New Moon shows now we can take action and initiative (Mars) over relationship issues as well as financial and matters of what we own (Venus). The Aries and Mars influences wants us to move now and Venus wants us to relate, to start something, a new relationship or friendship, getting new possessions, sorting out your personal finances. Of course, these decisions will be also affected exactly where in your chart the New Moon hits. Especially with regard to the more Venus related side of this New Moon, anything you start now will have a sense of permanence about it, as Venus makes a strong and close quindecile to Saturn.”

Now we end this cycle and quite amazingly the full Moon in Pisces sits at the midpoint of Venus and Mars which are now in a tense square aspect. The Full Moon also sits at the midpoint of Mars and Saturn and Mars as well as at the midpoint of Mars and the North Node. If a relationship was formed at that point, if you did make a start or a decision back on the 10th April, now with this square things may well be hitting a crucial and possibly difficult phase. Tension may be in the air, circumstances from outside the initial decision you made then may be playing on your mind and interfering in your current decision processes.

Lets look at these three midpoints. The Moon at the midpoint of Mars and Saturn is an emotional point of weakness, a place of depression, it can show separation or an ending. Here you may be losing something. The Moon at the midpoint of Mars and Venus shows a wholly different viewpoint. Here are strong emotional ties, a desire for unity and for fulfilment. This is a time of motherhood and for giving birth to new energies. The Moon at the midpoint of Mars and the North Node indicates an emotional attitude towards other people, of bringing things together.

FullMoon19092013 thor

Now I said that we have a stark choice on offer here and if you look closely at the chart this full Moon creates a very rare and unusual pattern, a Thor’s hammer or God’s fist aspect. Two sesquiquadrate aspects (135 degrees) connect from the square aspect from Venus, North Node Saturn to Mars making a focus point at the full Moon. A Thor’s hammer is a very volatile aspect as it has an inherent tension present through the square aspect sitting there. This tension can be destructive in nature unless a creative solution seen through the apex planet, the full Moon, can be found. The three solutions to any issues you have I already looked at in the previous paragraph, through enforced separation and finishing the whole process off begun in April, secondly through the birth of a new structure and by formalising what you have created in the previous 6 months or thirdly by bringing people together to try to solve the whole matter, the difficulties and tensions in front of you. I feel unless you take one of the three options on offer here, then things could get very messy and disruptive in your life. The Saturn North Node in exact conjunction at the time of this full Moon has the message of destiny and fate mixing with karma and issues or people from the past. Lessons will be learned now and decisions made now may have long lasting repercussions. Choose your actions and the people you associate with wisely.

The rest of the chart on this full Moon shows a loose cardinal cross containing a close square between Jupiter and Mercury that allows us to glimpse at the bigger picture and which does provide us with plenty of options at our disposal to move things on, our minds will be whirring with a myriad of possibilities. The danger here is to act too rashly without thinking through your options first. Mars in Leo makes a fire trine to Uranus in Aries which is excitable and energetic and can have a similar effect of being too impatient to get on with things. The quindecile from Uranus to the Sun shows a tendency to be reckless and rebellious, wanting to do things in a manner that others might not understand and appreciate.

My advice is to take your time and consider what is best for you as this full Moon approaches. Take what you can from the last 6 months using your intuition and what you feel so that you can get ready for the newer cycles that begin. It may be that you have to step back now and have a moment’s solitude to consider your choices, but that’s alright and it will do you some good to do so. If you have to sacrifice something to allow new energy to fill your life, then so be it. The important thing I think is to make a positive decision in whatever form that it may be and finish this cycle off properly. If you don’t do this and in the process you let old situations and problems fester and rot, then you will be saving up a whole heap of trouble for yourself further down the line.

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