Monday, 8 July 2013

Taking a deeper look at the Astrology of the San Francisco air crash.

Asiana flight

I was looking a little deeper at the San Francisco plane crash of a couple of days ago where quite remarkably all but 2 of the 300+ people on board survived. It seems like the aircraft came in a little too steep to a notoriously tricky place to land by the water’s edge in San Francisco bay. The aircraft appeared to catch the edge of the water and the runway, just before the pilot tried to abort the landing, ripping the tail off the aircraft sending it spinning before crashing on the grass verge. The airline Asiana have ruled out a technical failure so it seems pilot error may have been the deciding factor. The Astrology does not rule this out.


Now on the chart for the crash there we have Mercury retrograde which may have had a bit of an influence, however I focused my attention on the two 165 degree aspects here in gold, Mars making a quindecile to Pluto on the chart below and Neptune making one to the Virgo Ascendant.

Mars of course is in Gemini, the sign of transportation and the paran connections for Mars for San Francisco (latitude 37 N 45) had Mars in paran with the fixed star Phact, a very risky and adventurous star in the constellation of Columba, the dove. Here we have the risk of fire and disaster or at the very least living close to the edge. The dove represented by the star Phact is a star of finding one's way, the dove sits on the bow of the Argo, the great ship of the skies and so it is a star of travel and exploration, how appropriate is that? Mars was also in paran with Aculeus, one of the nebulae in the sting of the Scorpion in Scorpio. This influence is one of hardship or a severe test of resolve. The people in the stricken airplane as well as the rescue services certainly endured this.

Now Pluto for San Francisco had it's closest paran connection to the fixed star Fomalhaut, the royal Persian star and one filled with dreams and idealism. This is a star where one can get blasé, over-confident and taken in by the moment. A pilot who had just 43 hours of flying experience with a Boeing 777 landing at a runway where pilots need special training to land an aircraft, even if he has an experienced captain as a co-pilot? Sorry, but that shows a serious amount of complacency on behalf of the particular airline to me.

Talking of confusion and being over confident brings me to Neptune quindecile the Ascendant which is too much idealism, looking at a situation in a dream like state. Things go wrong when Neptune is involved, especially self-deception. Neptune was making a paran connection to the star Ras Algethi, which sits in the constellation of Hercules, the Kneeling One. This traditionally is an aspect of failure, of losing one's grip and of failing to live up to the prestige and power that you are given.

Put those influences together in a very focused and testing aspect between fiery Mars and destructive Pluto and add in the problematic position of Neptune casting doubt over that particular point on earth (the Ascendant), and you can see how a transportation crash was likely to occur at that very moment...

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