Sunday, 14 July 2013

Grand Water Trine of 2013 – Time to get things moving at last.


If you hadn't noticed, Mars today moved into watery Cancer and now is moving closer to a conjunction with Jupiter and thus joining the Grand Water trine which so many Astrologers around the world (myself included) have been going on about. This finally as I am about explain will bring some much needed energy to a planetary formation that is sitting there above us with so much potential to help us all.


Now the thing about trine aspects is that the energy flows easily, and around a grand trine it is almost too easy. In Astrology and in life itself, you need tension or motivation to get anything done. You may have a great talent, but it can go to waste if you don't actually use it and make the best of what you have. That's the problem with a grand trine. The energy sails around in a circle without having a motivational outlet. In the same manner, I suspect if we found things relatively easy, most of us if we were left to our own devices wouldn't act at all, simply because there would be no need. Many of us are not pro-active enough (especially those with planets in Libra in their charts) and we do need a kick up the backside (butt for my American readers) before we begin to get going. So does this grand water trine as it blithely sails along.

Now Mars is the planet of force and action and joining up with Jupiter, this grand trine is finally going to get a jolt of action to get it moving. Finally we have some impetus here to get these outer planets working for us. You may already be feeling the need to get your self and life in order, certainly I am starting to feel it with Cancer ruling the part of my chart concerned with work and career, and I suspect from today and in the next week, you will start to feel it too.

Trust me, in the next week you will feel the need to activate new plans and ideas, maybe to take a risk or to make you do something that has been in your mind for some while now so that you can turn things around in your life. Great expansion can be made and those dreams can come true if you get your act together. Mars is bringing that motivation and I urge you to use it. I will be..

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