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Anthony Weiner – Another day, another scandal.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is a really interesting individual. A former US congressman and a current Democratic party member, he is currently running in the race to become the Mayor of New York. Now Weiner has more than a chequered past, having resigned from the US Congress in 2011 because of an online sex scandal. This is a guy who can’t seem to get away from controversy and now he has been implicated in another “faux pas” after he admitted having another lewd online relationship with a 48 year old woman, including sending her explicit photos. Mr Weiner is married and obviously has a very, very understanding wife, yet what is it about this man which draws him into such a mess, time and time again? The astrology shows a clear picture.

AnthonyWeiner natal

Anthony Weiner was born on 4th September 1964, in Brooklyn New York (no birth time known) so he is a Sun sign Virgo with his Moon in Leo. This is an interesting combination as the Virgo Sun is intellectual, it discriminates and always wants to be correct, and the Leo Sun wants to be recognised and adored. Now this is fine but this Sun is conjunct to Pluto, to Mercury the ruler of Virgo and Uranus all in a tight stellium. This is a lot of Virgo, and so he will be someone with a critical and very analytical and clever mind, someone with a social conscience and someone who wants and needs to be controlling, powerful and known. Just combine all this with a Leo Moon and it leads to a know it all politician, a person seemingly with all the answers who has a ego to boot. The Leo Moon wants their name up in lights, and this can lead to a rather self-righteous attitude. This is a dramatic position of someone who despite having this Virgo influence is not without confidence, a man who will want to put on a show and lacks nothing of his own importance. Anthony is someone who will thrive in any situation when the cameras are pointing at him.

Both the Sun and Mercury receive aspects from Saturn sitting on the other side of the chart in the opposite sign of Pisces. Now those with Saturn in Pisces have a bit of a conundrum in their lives. Saturn is the planet of order and discipline, but here he is sitting in a sign that erodes structure and in which there are simply no rules. This can lead to a person who breaks with rules and accepted practices, and where there are standards to keep, the person with Saturn in Pisces is unlikely to keep to them. In short, the boundaries that Saturn normally sets up are severely weakened and thus the character can easily revert back into bad habits as this latest episode has shown. The Saturn quindecile to the Sun brings extreme ambition to rule and administer things, and the Saturn opposition to Mercury does make him very determined and he may get rather wrapped up in his own thoughts at times, especially as Mercury is retrograde internalising his mind. It does bring a more methodical and cynical side to the way he thinks, and he may well benefit from often spending some time in solitude to collect those thoughts together. Saturn makes a square aspect to Jupiter in steady Taurus. In financial matters he will be very sound and this is very much a money making position. There is a sensible and careful attitude to finances and business, he will be very switched on and clever in this regard and he will plan for security so that he and those around him can live a comfortable existence.

This quadruple conjunction in Virgo also receives multiple sextiles from Neptune. This sextile works in very much the same way to instil a lack of structure into Anthony’s character. The sextile from Neptune generally weakens the Sun and makes it more compassionate but also less disciplined, the same with the sextile to Mercury. Here is an intuitive, creative and instinctive side to the way he thinks as well as a poetic turn of phrase, however he get caught up in his own dreams and idealise rather than being logical. This does bring a social conscience and a feel for the community rather than the individual, and this is one reason why he is Democratic and not Republican.

Now Anthony has his Venus and Mars in Cancer in a close conjunction. Whenever you find these two planets together then you can always be sure of one thing, the person will rarely be shy in coming forward. By that I mean, this is the position of a person who when faced by someone they are attracted to will make the first move. Now Cancer is a cardinal sign, one which despite it’s reputation for security and worry is naturally pro-active. Actually, Venus in Cancer is quite clingy in nature and will be reluctant to let go when the subject is in love and happy. This is a sentimental position and is very thoughtful and caring. Mars in Cancer is not that aggressive and will be reluctant to fight except for one’s inner circle of friends, colleagues and family. When any of these are threatened, then Mars in Cancer will come out and fight back to protect the people they love.

The conjunction of Mars and Venus makes someone who is very amorous and needs the excitement of love all the time, here we have a potentially high sexual drive. This conjunction makes a double sextile to Jupiter, the planet of excess and of taking a risk. Put the two together and we have someone who will always be on the look out for a potential love partner. Add in the showy Leo Moon and we have someone who will want show off and exhibit their sexual prowess as well.

Now back to the quadruple conjunction of Sun, Pluto, Uranus and Mercury. The Virgo Sun is naturally cautious, so in a personal sense Anthony will not want to show that he feels the way he feels, that’s most unlike the modest Virgo way of doing things, so he will have to find another way. Pluto is deep and secretive and rules intimacy, so here we have thoughts that stay bubbling beneath the surface. Uranus can be a perverted and unusual influence, one wants to be independent and do things in your own way. Uranus rules technology and Mercury rules communication. Now add in the undisciplined opposition from Saturn in Pisces and the illusionary and deceptive sextile from Neptune. Are you getting the picture yet?

The fact that Anthony Weiner cannot stop taking lurid photos of himself and sending them to women when he should know better, especially as a serving politician shows a lack of discipline (Saturn in Pisces). He employs a secretive (Pluto) and deceptive nature (Neptune) and he uses technology (Uranus) and communication (Mercury) to get a sexual thrill (Pluto/Mars) as he has a high and excessive (Jupiter) sex drive (Mars or Pluto). He may be a bit of an exhibitionist (Moon in Leo) having a rather forward nature towards the opposite sex (Mars/Venus) and an unusual and rather unwise way of expressing all these urges (Uranus).

AnthonyWeiner transits

Now to look at the current transits to his chart, just look at all of the planets homing in on that Virgo stellium. The North Node makes a sextile and South Node trine aspects, Pluto makes several trines, Neptune opposition, Chiron opposition, Uranus inconjunct, Mars, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith all sextiles. The Pluto trines bring secrets into the open, Neptune shows indiscipline and deception, Chiron shows wounding of the character, Uranus indicates unusual behaviour causing him to potentially change course and Mars/Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith show taking a chance (Jupiter) over sex (Mars) of a nature that may leave his reputation finally in tatters (Black Moon Lilith). The influence of the Nodes brings fate and destiny to bare. Even transiting Venus is in the act making an opposition right now to his natal Saturn, bringing pain and suffering and harsh lessons to be learned (Saturn) over an encounter with a woman (Venus).

Anthony Weiner claims he is not going to give up in the race to become New York Mayor however in an age when politicians do need to have certain moral values, I cannot see how he is going to garner enough support, especially from the female population in New York who will be rightly disappointed in his actions, to ever have a chance of winning.


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