Sunday, 9 June 2013

Uranus conjunct Alderamin – A sudden change of at the top of society

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This aspect will be valid from now until 23rd August 2013

Uranus has been out of range of any fixed star for at least a year, but now as it moves onto 12 degrees Aries, it start to make a conjunction with the star Alderamin, the star in the constellation of Cepheus, the King. This is a lovely constellation and star that promotes a balance of male and female and seeing harmony on earth and in nature. This is a gentle and yet strong star, determined on one's goals but not aggressively so. Ptolemy said of this star that it had the influence of Saturn and Jupiter, strong and wise but also sober and those under it’s influence would be able wield authority in the manner of a judge or arbitrator.

Now with Uranus making a square to Pluto while making this connection, I think we will see transformation under this influence. Over the year or so that I have been looking at these fixed star aspects, there seems to be a lot of symbolism which occurs, especially when an outer planet connects with a fixed star. Here the symbolism is of male kings and rulers.

I think this transformation will see the sudden removal of people, quite possibly men in power who have been making rules and laying down the law in the form of a king. It is also a possibility that we may see the passing of notable people and those who did act in a harmonious, strong and gentle manner. I can think of four people who fit the bill at the moment. President Assad in Syria still holds on in his position faced by civil unrest and revolution and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey now has serious opposition to his authoritarian way of ruling in his own country. Also two more gentle and notable men in the world are faced by health problems and this conjunction could have an effect on them. The Duke of Edinburgh has been having health problems and so has South African legendary leader Nelson Mandela.

Uranus is also a social aspect and so under this conjunction and this square we may see a rise in people coming out onto the streets in either peaceful or more violent ways to push for change in common values and social causes, again I think of the situation in Turkey which has arisen recently and the way the people have remained generally joyous and peaceful in protest rather than being openly violent.

In your life, it change needs to be made, then you can use this conjunction to make it in the most acceptable manner you can, using strength and force of argument rather than having to resort to using more shocking and unacceptable means.

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