Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sir Henry Cecil - Legendary racehorse trainer passes away

Henry Cecil

Sir Henry Cecil, one the greats in the horse racing world has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Born 11th Jan 43 (birth time unknown) in Aberdeen, Scotland, the most famous horse he trained Frankel retired recently with an unbeaten and unblemished perfect record. He was always a bit of a stylish dresser and he went on once he took up horse training he went on to win 25 classic races including The Epsom Derby 4 times and the The Epsom Oakes 8 times.

SirHenryCecil natal

As you can see, Sir Henry Cecil had a powerful kite on his chart. Saturn and Uranus in Gemini made him a progressive thinker and worker trine to a Mercury Venus conjunction in Aquarius giving a bit of glamour and an appreciation of and an eye for beauty, form and movement trine to Neptune in Libra giving intuition and inspiration all formed into a wonderful air trine completed into the kite by powerful Pluto in Leo. He would be someone I think who would live on the edge a bit and on his wits, a networker and a communicator. This was a powerful, talented and fun to be with man for sure, especially as Pluto made a quindecile to his Capricorn Sun, a link of huge will power, determination and a need to succeed and be notable.

His Mars sat peregrine in free spirited Sagittarius, unconnected to any other planet by major aspect on the chart and this would have provided him with a joie-de-vivre and a wonderful sense of adventure and fun. Mars in Sagittarius loves to stretch the limits as much as is possible and to take risks. This position does allow you to bounce back from disappointment and during the 6 years between 2000 and 2006 that he never won a classic race, Sir Henry kept on going and returned to glory with his most successful horse ever.

It is likely that his Moon opposed Neptune so he would have had a lot of compassion and sensitivity in his character and his careful and ambitious Capricorn Sun opposed Jupiter in Cancer, so here was a warm-hearted and optimistic person, protective and generous to his loved ones and his team around him. This was a man with big ambitions and a desire to make a huge impression on a wide scale and that is what he did. That Jupiter connected to horses through it's sign Sagittarius sat on the fixed star Castor, one of the twins in Gemini. This star connected to Jupiter shows a talent for negotiation and it allows one to find the right solution to a problem. Maybe that's one of the reasons for his success, he understood and had a way of finding the best preparation for his horses and jockeys and maybe he instinctively knew just what they needed to go out and be successful for him.

He once told the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK "I do everything by instinct really, not by the book. I like to think I’ve got a feeling for and understand my horses, that they tell me what to do really." I think that sums up exactly what his chart tells us.

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