Saturday, 8 June 2013

New Moon in Gemini hits fixed star Rigel


The new Moon at 17 Gemini today made a direct conjunction with the fixed star Rigel. This star sits on the foot of Orion the hunter, as well as being the last star in the constellation of Eridanus, the river. The ancient story goes that Orion was charged with killing all of the beasts on earth, however for his brazen and rather arrogant attitude, the goddess of the earth Gaia sent the scorpion to sting Orion which it did on his foot (or heel) poisoning him to death.

This is a star that does promise a constant flow of riches and achievements that the waters of the river provide you. It encourages a positive attitude too, especially in spreading knowledge, through one’s actions, examples or ideas, through education and teaching or through the spread of one’s faith for the benefit of others. However, there is a catch. As in the story, there is a chance that you may get over confident of achieving success, and as a result suffer a similar fate as Orion did.

The New Moon here I think was a real boost to us all and probably one of the more positive influences we have had in a while, so if you get projects, ideas and situations or even relationships off the ground now combined with the wonderful energy of the grand water trine we are under, then I think they have a great chance of long term success, so long as you remain sensible and not too over-optimistic.

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