Monday, 10 June 2013

Mercury conjunct Sirius - An important announcement

canis major 1

This aspect is valid today 10th June and tomorrow 11th June 2013

Mercury today connects with one of the great stars of the skies, Sirius, the dog Star sitting in the constellation of Canis Major. Sirius is the the brightest star in the heavens, often known as the "Shining One" of the "Scorcher", the one who burns.

This star has always had a reputation for being associated with linking humble and selfless personal action which suddenly propels one into the spotlight, or doing something sacred and worthy in making a sacrifice for the betterment of people around you. If you think of the "15 minutes of fame" that many people aspire to, then this star could well be the reason for the phrase as it promises a chance to be in the spotlight like the proverbial shooting star before it quickly fades into the night sky.

Mercury's connection brings the quality of communication and language to this star, be it written or spoken and maybe something which is said now will hit the headlines around the world, or the ramifications of an agreement will have repercussions and a very significant effect. This is the start of the retrograde shadow for Mercury and it is possible that anything said or agreed now will come into effect when Mercury stations and turns direct on this spot on 21st July...

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