Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mercury conjunct Canopus - Lines of communication are broken


This aspect is valid today 11th June and into tomorrow 12th June

Mercury as it starts to slow is in a very interesting part of the sky. Yesterday and today it is in connection with Sirius and now it connects with the fixed star Canopus, the star in the constellation Carinae, the Keel, which forms a part of the great southern ship of the skies, the Argo.

The keel of a ship is the part which determines the direction it will go in. Canopus as suggests from this description was known as the navigator by the Egyptians. Canopus is also connected to the concept of time as well as leadership in a dominant manner and having the control to destroy anything that one creates.

Now with Mercury making the connection the issues of communication comes again to the fore. Canopus and Mercury can put forward strong ideas and opinions, but the nature of this star is quite harsh and controls on what is allowed to be said. This leads me to think of controls on the press, on the media and of censorship in general.

There are two big stories going around which I have touched on recently and both again are implicated by this conjunction. The Edward Snowden story is an obvious one which I looked at briefly on my Facebook page yesterday. We had the controversial announcement and revelations about US authorities intercepting and storing internet and phone information as Mercury approached Sirius and now we have the controls clamped down again as the truth gets out.

In Turkey, the protestations over the way the country is governed are continuing and now the police and authorities are back on the streets this morning with a heavy handed approach trying to take back parts of Istanbul and Ankara which were taken over by protesters. I also here that Facebook and other social media may be banned in that country to stop the flow of information, absolutely in line with this planet star connection. We have aggressive Mars starting to approach the stars of Taurus now, and this may inflame things a little more as direct action becomes more prevalent.

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