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Kim Kardashian – Celebrating the birth of her first child

Kim Kardashian

A little break from all the bad new stories around at the moment to report on a happy event. Celebrity Kim Kardashian and her partner KanYe West have announced the birth of a yet unnamed daughter at approximately 01.30am on Saturday according to the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK. Kim actually was not due to have her daughter until a month later in a the first couple of weeks of July but medical complications meant that the baby arrived yesterday.

KimKardashian natal

A quick look at Kim’s chart (born 21st Oct 1980, at 10.46am, Los Angeles – source Astro Databank) sees her as a Sun sign Libran with her Piscean Moon bang opposite her Midheaven sitting on her IC at the base of her chart. This Sun Moon mix is very sociable and intuitive and she will know immediately what she has to do to please people around her so that she can make the best of any social situation. This is a very switched on girl who will be able to detect any falsehood or insincerity that is going on around her.

With Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all at the top of her chart conjunct at her Midheaven, it shows that she is very ambitious, is lucky in any career endeavours including internationally and she is blessed with good looks. Venus is conjunct to the Midheaven and square to her Ascendant and this often contributes beauty to the individual which she uses in her career, and she certainly has taken advantage of those attributes in modelling and appearing in reality shows. Both Venus and the Midheaven make square aspects to Neptune the planet ruling TV and film sitting her 1st house of the self, and that is exactly what she opens out to the world on her programmes which bring her fame. It is also interesting to note that Neptune through it’s sign Pisces rules her 4th house of family, the basis for her reality TV shown and her fame. Venus and the Midheaven also oppose her 3rd house Piscean Moon in Neptune’s sign making her very compassionate and sympathetic as a person but also maybe a little evasive and hard to read too; this is accentuated with Neptune conjunct to her Ascendant which can be an escapist tendency if she ever gets to feel down of slightly depressed.

Going back to that Moon, she will tend to make decisions on a purely emotional basis and I don’t think that logic will ever play a full part in the way that she lives her life, she will be someone who acts more on her feelings and desires at any particular moment in time. The Moon makes a series of oppositions to Saturn and Jupiter and here we see a genuine optimism through the Jupiter opposition and also a real need for and fear of being accepted and liked through the Saturn opposition. This fear pushes her on I think to crave attention and this encourages her to seek it through the assets that she naturally and physically has. The Moon through Cancer rules her 8th house of sex and intimacy, and I think she uses this and her good looks as a tool to gain herself the attention and love she wants, although she will also be very ultra sensitive to criticism too. The Venus Moon opposition often doesn’t really want to be in a normal formal relationship and prefers a looser arrangement, like the one she has with KanYe. With Gemini on the cusp of her 7th house of permanent partners, settling down would never be easy for Kim as she will always have an eye out for an alternative and always see everyone as a potential friend, that’s the duality of Gemini for you. Her former husband and basketball player Kris Humphries, knows this to his cost.

Pluto also sits in her 10th house conjunct her 11th house Sun and this is always a placement that demands “I want to be noticed (and sometimes famous) and I want to be in control of my own destiny”. Often a dark Plutonic allure and intensity and shines through whenever the Sun and Pluto hook up, you can always notice people with this conjunction as they invariable either have strong dark features or eyes, or they smoulder with sex appeal. The Sun also says something about her father Robert, who as you know was one of the lawyers in the OJ Simpson case years ago. The conjunction indicates he was a powerful man with a searching investigative personality.

Like her father, Kim has a very deep and inquisitive mind too with Mercury in Scorpio conjunct to Uranus and I think she is more cute and clever than many give her credit for. To survive and thrive in the socialite bubble that is Los Angeles, one has to be a very astute operator and this conjunction will bring her bright ideas and inspirational plans that will always keep her in the public eye. Her Mars sits hidden away in her 12th house in free and easy Sagittarius so she will have an open attitude to the intimate side of life, and this is an aspect that will always take a risk or two if there is a chance of achieving one’s hopes and dreams. This Mars makes a sextile to her natal Saturn and so she will work hard, persevere and not be afraid of opening out the more hidden side of her life so that she can receive the praise, adulation and love that I have mentioned she needs.

KimKardashian transits

You will notice I have included Chiron the wounded healer on her chart and I have done this for a reason as it sits in her 5th house of children. You will see that the transiting South Node was conjunct to her natal Chiron at the time of the birth, it had just passed through this conjunction bringing an infection and some potential suffering that initiated her to have the baby earlier than it was due. The Nodal hit would have brought an unexpected event, the wound through the infection and the associated worry and then the healing as the baby was delivered successfully, just as Venus and Mercury were making a soothing little sextile to Chiron.

Mercury her Midheaven ruler was making a trine to her natal Pluto, indicating a transformation in her public status to that of a mother. Mars, the planet ruling her 5th house of children was making an opposition to her natal Mars sitting in the 12th house of hospitals from the 6th house of health issues and you can see the rush and impatience here through the opposition, almost as if this baby was determined to come along early. That Mars was also receiving two square aspects, one from Neptune showing again a link to hospitals and health matters and a square from the Moon the ruler of the 8th house of permanent change.

Just for the record, and to complete the picture, her progressed Venus (not shown) was making a lovely conjunction to her natal Sun this year, showing a happy event in her life was about to come. I wish Kim, KanYe and their new baby girl lots of health and happiness.

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