Saturday, 20 April 2013

Venus conjunct Hamal and Schedar - Taking a step forward, eventually.


This connection is valid now and through until Monday 22nd April

Venus now in Taurus now is encountering two very positive stars, Hamal, the main star in the constellation of Aries, the Ram and Schedar, the main star in the constellation of Cassiopeia, the Queen of the night skies. Hamal is a brave influence and strong willed too, bold and wanting to take on any challenge. Here we experience the ability to be direct, however any blockage working against this star can cause frustration and anger. Schedar is a royal influence and shows female strength, dignity, honour and wisdom.

In relationships and in any creative venture, i think that these two influences bring a straight forward attitude, the ability to show some individualism and not to worry too much about the consequences of one's actions. This is normally a time of moving forward, making acquaintances maybe with strong women or for those of you reading this who are female, this I think is a particularly good time to take the initiative in your lives. If you are helping anyone now, then you will be able to do so with strength and compassion and to give them your full support.
It is very interesting that Venus in making these connections makes an opposition to Saturn and a trine to Pluto.

Might any association you make now, any creative work you come up or any financial plans you submit be blocked or at least prevented in some way? If so try not to let those negative tendencies of frustration and irritability take over as Saturn's role here is to make you think twice before making a correct decision. Then again, this could indicate encounters with people or taking ideas from people are significantly younger or older than you are. The connection to Pluto could suggest associations or connections with people in power or control, matters of sharing or intimacy or experiences that may transform you in some manner?

All in all and despite that Saturn opposition, I think it is worth using the positivity on offer here, as the people you encounter may allow you to move on and make some significant changes in your position, maybe after a quick review of what is on offer.

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