Saturday, 13 April 2013

Venus Conjunct Al Rescha - Tying things and people together

Pisces 1

This aspect is active tomorrow 14th April and active until 16th April

Venus is now coming to meet up with the main star in the constellation of Pisces, the constellation of the fishes. If you don't know, Pisces as a constellation has two fishes swimming in the night skies in opposite directions. Al Rescha (sometimes called Al Rischa) is a star representing the knot in their tails, the only thing that ties these two fish together. If you think of Pisces as a sign, then going off in all directions and not having a single common purpose is a real theme of Piscean people, it is very difficult to hold them down for any amount of time, reflecting the scene in the skies. Pisces is of course linked to water and also Christianity, we all know of the story of Jesus and the loaves and the fishes. In Christianity and Catholicism, marriage is a vital theme, of the love between a man and a woman making a commitment to each other, of tying the knot. The Pope as the signal of his authority over the Roman Catholic church wear's his seal on his fingers, the Fisherman's ring.

Al Rescha as a star reflects the tying of the knot and of holding disparate themes together and bringing them as one. This can be effective in combining different types of knowledge to create wisdom, or it can be through relationships, bringing two different people into a relationship to form a common bond between them. Through Al Rescha then we can open out our minds exposing ourselves to new concepts and people and thus make our lives and understanding more complete.

Venus connecting with this star brings the idea of relationships closer to home, of bringing differing social ideas under a common banner, of uniting people or even nations who may have seen things in very different ways in the name of diplomacy and peace. This can also be a factor in the financial world as a greater understanding of the problems of money and financial problems may come out of people meeting and talking.
In your own lives, will this influence bring you closer together to someone who you might not have thought was suitable for you? Will you see someone in a different light now? Will this unifying force heal some wounds or suffering that you are facing?

Let the gentle harmonizing influence of Venus conjunct Al Rescha wash over the infections that exist in your life allowing compassion to flow and opening us up to the most ideal and beautiful kind of love imaginable...

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