Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sun and Mars conjunct Al Rescha - Taking different views to come to a conclusion

Pisces 1

This aspect is in force now and will be valid until 20th April 2013

Fast on the back of Venus hitting the star of Al Rescha now it is the turn of Mars and the Sun to get this spot in the sky. I mentioned in my previous post a few days ago about this star being a knot in the tails of the fish in Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions. In these connections Mars dictates action and force and the Sun represents our life force being torn by a conundrum we face or maybe a person who split ideas, views and opinions.

This is a spiritual star and surely it can be no coincidence that the funeral and fiery cremation of Baroness Thatcher comes as these planets and stars come together. A military funeral showing the presence of Mars, she was one who never stepped back from taking action, of taking a decisive path. She was also one who divided opinion in the UK like never before, many supported her but many despised her.

In the world elsewhere, we may see people expressing different ideas and certain people in the spotlight now may divide opinions too. We are in a time of debate, of looking inward at our lives and at the pros and cons of the position that we find ourselves in, of assessing our options and ultimately being forced to bring everything together to come to a resolution.

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