Monday, 8 April 2013

New Moon in Aries 13/4/2013 - Taking the initiative


I've had a mini break from Astrology as I need to do every so often just to keep my mind fresh and also because we are into a much quieter phase astrologically after the very, very active last week of March. The coming New Moon in Aries on 10th (exact at 10:35 hrs London time, 9:35 UTC) sees a triple conjunction of Sun Venus and Mars in Aries like the last full Moon, but this one does not have the wildcard influence of Uranus in the mix, nor the Pluto opposition, so it is more stable in nature.


New Moons plant the seeds in the ground for new parts of our lives to grow and this is a strong new Moon in this sense as it is the first one of the new Astrological year, this is a true time for new beginnings. This is like the broom coming out and starting the spring cleaning.

This New Moon shows now we can take action and initiative (Mars) over relationship issues as well as financial and matters of what we own (Venus). The Aries and Mars influences wants us to move now and Venus wants us to relate, to start something, a new relationship or friendship, getting new possessions, sorting out your personal finances. Of course, these decisions will be also affected exactly where in your chart the New Moon hits. Especially with regard to the more Venus related side of this New Moon, anything you start now will have a sense of permanence about it, as Venus makes a strong and close quindecile to Saturn.

The degree to look for on your chart this time is 20 degrees Aries. Find that point on your chart and here will be the catalyst for new growth in your life for the next weeks and months to come.

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