Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mars opposite Saturn - Stopped in your tracks


This aspect is applying now and will be exact on 1st May

Do you feel as if things are starting to conspire against you? Are all your best laid plans being either held up or blocked completely? If so then you are starting to feel this potent opposition at large in the skies above us. This is the planet of action Mars opposing the planet of limitation Saturn, the one who wants go ahead against the one who wants to prevent any movement, the planet of stop against the planet of go.

When these two oppose in the skies we have a classic standoff position. In your chart, identify 8 degrees Taurus and Scorpio and look at the axis it sits on.

From 1st house to 7th house we have yourself against your partner or opponent
From 2nd house to 8th we have what to own against what someone else does, your values against their values, what you keep against what you share.
From 3rd house to 9th the issues are what you communicate and how your travel against knowledge, beliefs and what you need to learn and where you are travelling to.
From 4th house to 10th the matters to deal with are those of home and family versus work and career
From 5th house to 11th house it is the love we give to the love we receive, what we create and make to what we hope and dream for
From 6th house to 12th house more or less the issues are how we serve and the work we do against how we suffer, where we aid people and the hidden forces working against us.

Wherever you find this opposition, you will feel this stand-off, the Mars house is where we want to move forward whereas the Saturn house will be holding us back. My advice is to be patient now and not to push too hard right. Mars in Taurus should give you enough patience to wait your turn and to start driving forward and taking the initiative again once the opposition passes, otherwise authoritarian Saturn will lay down the law to you, and you wouldn't want that to happen, would you???

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