Monday, 29 April 2013

Czech Republic – Gas explosion in Prague near National Theatre


This morning reported to the police at 09.56 am, a huge explosion rocked Divadení Ulice, (Theatre Street) adjacent to the National Theatre in Prague, the Czech capital, apart of the world I personally know very well having lived in the city for 4 and a half years. By all reports up to 40 people are injured and several may well be trapped under rubble. It seems that this explosion was caused by a gas leak, and if so the Astrology holds up this theory.


The explosion occurred at the time of the Mars Saturn opposition with explosive Mars still in conjunction with the Sun and this opposition focused directly onto Neptune in a wedge pattern, the planet that rules natural gas. Saturn the planet of hardship and loss was at this time was sitting in the 5th house of entertainment, theatre and creativity and Mars in the 11th house of groups and associations. Saturn is also making a nasty inconjunct aspect to Uranus right now, and with Uranus moving direct, the potential for unexpected events (Uranus) that could damage and destroy structures (Saturn) is very much a live possibility. Mars approaching the bold but reckless star Hamal in the constellation of Aries is also forming a trine to destructive Pluto, and all in all this is an explosive picture that may see more incidents in the next couple of days.

CzechRepublic transits

Looking at the Czech national chart, you can see Pluto on the Czech Sun receiving the trines fro the Sun and transiting Mars. The chart ruler Venus is making a close trine to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction (public disaster at or near to a theatre) and that Venus conjunct the transiting South Node is making a square to Saturn sitting in the Czech 5th house mirroring the explosion chart. Transiting Uranus as you can see was sitting on the Czech natal Moon and the Moon was also receiving a nasty inconjunct aspect from Saturn so a disaster was pretty much due to hit this country.

I love the city of Prague and the people will always be in my heart as they treated me so well and with such courtesy in the past, and so I hope there were no fatalities and that everyone recovers well…

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