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United States – Aries Ingress Chart 2013


This is the second in a series looking at the ingress charts of a few of the most important nations on the earth and where their priorities may lie ahead. The ingress chart is the moment the Sun crosses the 0 degrees Aries point, and many Astrologers say that it sets the tone and the themes for the next three months, until the next cardinal ingress point at the beginning of Cancer. This time I focus my gaze on the Unites States of America.


As with the earlier UK ingress chart I looked at, we have the same pattern of planets dotted around however because of the change in location on earth they switch houses and thus influence. On this chart we have a yod aimed at Jupiter from Saturn and Pluto, a grand water trine (Moon, Mercury/Neptune, Saturn) and a t-square from a Moon Pluto opposition aimed at a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction. What can I deduce this time around for the United States?

This time we have the Sun Venus Mars and Uranus all positioned in the first house of the nation, the people and the general mood. With all these planet sitting here, one can say that there will be quite a volatile atmosphere in the States in the next three months. Where does this general anger come out? The Pluto Moon opposition shows it. Pluto shows ultimate power and control and it sits in the 10th house of government, the administration run by Barack Obama. Pluto indicates many things in the 10th house. A policy of the transformation of the functioning of government, secrets being withheld by the administration, heavy industry being favoured. Opposed is the Moon in the 4th house, the house of the land and of farmers, the patriots and those who have traditional values. The 4th house is the house of the opposition (the Republican heartlands) and you can intrinsically see a split here, an opposition to the way that government is being run and a square from this Moon to Uranus, trying to intervene in general social progress and to prevent reform in traditional ways of living - hunting, fishing and shooting (Mars).

Saturn in the 8th house of debt and big business indicates problems with the deficit and money owed as well as laws aimed at social security & taxes. Pluto’s influence on Saturn through the sextile between them is to transform and quite possibly in this next three months some type of legislation will again be proposed to sort out a budget. With Venus ruling the second house of money (through Taurus) the will of the majority of people will certainly want it, however with the Moon also being square to Venus, the opposition Republican side will not.

Saturn and Pluto focus a Yod onto Jupiter and I think that local infrastructure, transportation and education will be a key targets for the Obama government in the next few months. I think there will also be a focus on neighbouring nations to the US, to Mexico, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean islands, including Cuba. The grand water trine on this chart sees Saturn in the 8th house trine to Neptune and Mercury in the 12th and the Moon in the 4th. The exploitation of gas and hidden resources and funnily enough healthcare issues look as if they will gain in support from all sides, maybe as people realise the benefits of a healthcare system that helps those less well off to get some assistance. The square between Jupiter and Mercury and Neptune interests me. Will the cat come out of the bag now about religious practises and excesses that have previously been hidden from view?


The US is such a large country that the West Coast can act quite differently from Washington in the East. If you set the chart for Seattle, an interesting picture comes out.  Here we have Pluto bang on the Ascendant and Saturn on the Midheaven. Pluto and Saturn on the angles sitting on an ingress chart can indicate a possibility of a disaster of some kind, and here we have the two most important angles being affected by two of the most difficult influences in the heavens. Add to this a square from Mars and Uranus to Pluto opposite to the Moon and we have the potential for a disaster affecting many people. My thinking is the possibility of an earthquake happening at some time in the next three months. If you move down the West Coast, Pluto moves more and more into the 12th house but Saturn still stays reasonably close to the Midheaven, certainly as far south as San Francisco if you reposition the chart.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I think the possibility is there for a big earthquake on the West Coast soon, and this picture reinforces my views, although if one comes it may occur a bit further north than I previously hinted at. A big enough one might just shake the whole of the West Coast. The Washington chart does have Saturn in the 8th house of death and public mourning, and this suggests to me an incident will happen to trigger some sadness across the US in the coming months.

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