Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sun and Venus conjunct Scheat - A brave new dawn is coming.


These connections are valid now and in the next 2-3 days until 22nd March

The Sun and Venus give me a good excuse to get out my picture of Pegasus the winged horse again, as this star sits where the saddle would be on his back. As I mentioned last time, Scheat is a star of intellect, of free though and actions and anyone who has a direct connection with this star will be independent and brave, unafraid of speaking their mind and communicating what they see as the truth.

The Sun here indicates a time when people speak their minds and will be very forthright. No mincing of words or hiding things under a veil of secrecy, there is a direct honesty here which will be refreshing seeing as Mercury has been in conjunction with Neptune and Deneb Adige, clouding issues and playing games with the what is right and what is wrong. Finally we can cut through much of the uncertainty and get to what is important.

Venus brings a more social and creative side to the power of Scheat. This promotes innovative design, a more direct approach to forming relationships, in essence the opposite person or party will make it quite clear where they stand and what they expect from you. This is an aspect of the alternative cutting edge artist, the one who goes out on a limb to shock and surprise. Under this influence we can see social change and generally accepted ideas being challenged.

In the next couple of days as the Sun and Venus connect with this star, they also enter the sign of Aries. We are about to enter a time when the playing around stops and the action begins. Let's get it on...


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