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Sean Connery – A man of steel and seduction.

sean connery

Just a day or so ago, I wrote a post on this blog and on Facebook about Neptune hitting the fixed Star Fomalhaut and I put up an old picture of Sir Sean Connery dressed as James Bond holding a revolver. That particular post was the most popular I have ever done on Facebook, and it prompted me to have a proper more in depth look at the astrology of a man who despite being in his 70’s shows no signs of slowing down.

ConnerySean natal 

Sir Sean to give him his official title, he is a knight now after all, was born on 25th August 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland, according to Astro databank who quote these details as AA rated, seen in hand. He is a Sun sign Virgo with his Moon in the same sign and he has a powerful Capricorn Ascendant in a close conjunction to that sign’s ruler, Saturn. That is a lot of earth in the most prominent places on his chart, and Sean has this sensual earthy charm which women tend to fall for. Looking at the split of elements, we have an unusual mix of 5 cardinal planets, 5 mutable planets and none in fixed signs. One would think that Sean would lack determination with this mix but remember where Saturn is and he will lack nothing in this department.

Sean’s Sun is very appropriately conjunct to filmic, artistic and imaginative Neptune and this conjunction is trine to Saturn, providing a link to his ambitions, career and work as an actor. Incidentally, before he got into acting Sean worked in the Royal Navy, a connection to working on and near water (Saturn trine to Neptune). In all his career, he will be quite the perfectionist, because of the Virgo influence which does focus in on every tiny detail. Sean will not be one to boast about his work, he will let the quality of it speak for itself in his own modest Virgo way. The Sun conjunct to Neptune is very compassionate, sympathetic and peace loving and the Virgo Moon indicates that he is sensitive and quite naturally cautious, but the rest of this chart shows that Sean could well look after himself if he needed to.

That Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in Capricorn is rock solid, hard as nails and if that wasn’t enough it makes a quindecile to Pluto and two oppositions to expansive Jupiter and forceful Mars. You would not be surprised to find out that before he got into acting he was a body builder and he played semi-professional football – he is a keen football fan too. Saturn conjunct Ascendant describes a body (Ascendant) like granite (Saturn). Saturn quindecile to Pluto brings an insatiable work ethic and determination, not only to work out but to gain power, strength and control. Mars is the planet of sport and activity sitting in his 6th house of health, so he would always be active to keep himself in trim and the opposition to Saturn shows stamina, an ability to be hard on oneself as well as an inner frustration that drives you on and on. He may suffer from stress and get irritable if he is not keeping himself active. As such, he would not be one for sitting around doing nothing, oh no, that Mars in Gemini is always on the go, busy like the proverbial bee.

Jupiter in the centre of this trio of planets brings excess and a balance to the limitation of Saturn and the Capricorn Ascendant. Funnily enough, if it were not for the presence of Jupiter which breeds some self-confidence and inner faith, I would imagine that Sean would be a far more reserved, nervous and shy man than he actually is. This Pluto Jupiter conjunction in Cancer in the 7th house would make him hugely popular with everyone and bestows him a mysterious even dangerous edge too. It brings great amounts of success, brings you into contact with powerful people and almost guarantees an influential effect on those around you. Jupiter in Cancer is warm and wonderfully hospitable, this is the sign of mothering and protection, so anyone who makes Sean’s acquaintance will be most probably enjoy his company enormously.

This conjunction sits at the point of a t-square, formed by an opposition between Uranus in Aries and Venus in Libra. Venus in Libra in the 8th house is super sexy, charming, seductive, tactful I could go on and on, and this is given an electric shock from Uranus in go ahead Aries, the rebel planet in a sign that is not afraid of taking risks. This is a Venus on heat, further enhanced by Pluto and Jupiter which adds a smouldering, unapproachable side as well as a free and easy attitude to love and the more intimate and private side of life. A ladies man and one who’s image was of sport, action, strength and mystique, he was perfect to take on the role of 007. Even into his 60’s Sean was being described as one of the sexiest men alive, and with these aspects one can see exactly why.

This t-square is not ideal for keeping relationships, as Venus opposite to Uranus brings instability. He will fall in love at the drop of a hat often in unusual circumstances or with an electric attraction, but these kind of relationships built on such impulses rarely last. Pluto in the 7th shows that he would have be transformed by at least one relationship, however Jupiter brought luck and ultimate success in marriage. The Sun and Neptune in the 7th house says that he values marriage highly so long as his partner lives up the the perfect vision and creative soul that Neptune is looking for. In Micheline Roquebrune, his French partner and artist, he found such a lady.

Uranus also makes a quindecile to Mercury in Virgo which is conjunct to his Moon. Uranus making any aspect to Mercury brings intelligence and a sharpness to the way one communicates as well as a very quick sense of humour, it will be extra sharp and cutting being in Virgo, the sign of criticism. There is a very serious side to Sean’s mind, and with Mercury in the intense 8th house being square to Saturn, he will take up many issues very stridently including one he is well known for supporting, Scottish independence. Mercury and the Moon together in the 8th is all or nothing and interested in matters of power and control, they bring a great love of history, the past and one’s heritage. These issues are deeply emotional for Sean and this conjunction sits at the point of a t-square connected by the Mars Saturn opposition. Mars brings energy to his desires to see his beloved Scotland stand on it’s feet separated from England. This square from Mars probably adds a very sharp temper to his character should you wish to cross him in any way. There is another link to the creative arts here with Mercury (square to Saturn) ruling the 5th house of entertainment and personal individuality as well as the 6th house of everyday routine and work.

Sean right now has Saturn approaching his Scorpio Midheaven by the end of the year, he has the North Node soon to hit his Midheaven too in late Spring and he has his natal Pluto starting to oppose that lucky Jupiter in his 7th house, so he may be back in the news in some sense pretty soon. He is a fascinating guy and still has that charm and the same twinkle in his eye that he had all those years ago when he was in my opinion the best actor to ever portray “James Bond”.

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