Sunday, 24 March 2013

People in Paris protest against gay marriage

Gay protes Paris

Interesting protest in Paris today as thousand of protesters took to the street to voice their opposition to new Gay rights laws allowing same sex marriage and adoption to happen. Thousands of people took to the streets near to the Arc de Triomphe to try to persuade lawmakers to change their minds. The protests did get out of hand and the police had to intervene with tear gas to prevent violence breaking out.

Transits Paris 24 Mar

In birth charts, I have noticed over the years that you often find that tension aspects (conjunction , square, opposition or maybe inconjunct) between Uranus the planet of alternative tastes and Mars the planet of act of making love in men or Venus, the planet of love and relationships in women does show some correlation to homosexuality in a subject. This is not a given and many many straight people have these aspects, although they may make them a little wild in the bedroom.

Today the Sun with Uranus Mars and Venus all in conjunction was making a sextile onto Jupiter, the planet of laws and law making focusing a yod onto conservative Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of intimacy and sex. Here we have people activated by that yod who want to see traditional relationships retained pitted against those who want to see more liberal (Jupiter) and progressive (Uranus) attitudes to love and relationships (Mars Venus). Mars and Uranus in conjunction was always going to raise tensions around the world and here we have social (Venus) activists (Uranus) who were prepared to take action to protect the laws and traditions in France.


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