Friday, 15 March 2013

Mars conjunct Uranus - Playing with fire

Match on fire

This aspect is now applying and exact on 22nd March 2013 – exact conjunction at 8:08 degrees Aries..

We are now on the approach to one of the most exciting and yet dangerous aspects that the planets can make, a conjunction between Mars the planet of action and force and Uranus now in Aries, the planet of revolution and of instability. Uranus does not conform. When you think it is going to be bad, it behaves itself and shows a compassionate and kind side and when you think nothing will happen you get the shock of your life.

I see this aspect as if you are playing with fire (Mars rules fire and heat). You want the fire to burn well so you decide to pour a can of gasoline (Uranus) onto it to give it an extra kick. That fire can do a wonderful job by keeping you safe and warm but it can get out of hand, and then you have a big, big problem. In short now you can go the extra mile and take matters into your own hands, however if you do so be prepared to run the gauntlet. Success can be yours, but by risking everything failure is a genuine possibility. Go into any venture now with eyes wide open.

In the world and in your life now one should take care and precautions, this is an accident zone that we are all entering. Unexpected twists and turns of fate lie around every corner, anger and arguments will seldom be far away as this aspect heightens one's senses and one's impatience, making you inconsiderate and selfish. This is a conjunction of extreme ecstasy and of potential disaster, of triumph and failure, of love and of loss.

This aspect will be especially dangerous this time around as the conjunction will be sextile to Jupiter bringing a sense of complacency at the potential dangers that lurk around the corner and square to Pluto which brings a hugely destructive influence into the mix. I cannot discount the potential of a major disaster(s) happening in the world on the back of this conjunction.

Stay safe and be aware...

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