Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mars conjunct Scheat - Being brave and using your intelligence


This connection is active from 10th until 12th March 2013

In the next couple of days, Mars makes contact with a dynamic star in the skies, Scheat. This star is one of the stars in the constellation of the winged horse, Pegasus and forms part of a great square in the sky. In days gone by, this huge square in the square which also includes the stars Markab and Alpheratz represented the use of the mind, of knowing as to unknowing. This star is intrinsically highlights the use of one's intellect, of free and uninhibited thought and the use of logic to uncover the truth in situations.

Mars here combines passion, action and force with the use of the mind. It is a powerful combination that encourages us to see the truth, you use our intelligence allied to our physical strength in a positive manner and to work out exactly what we need to do to see us through any situation. One thing however, we do have to be careful now. Robson allies Mars and this star with “many accidents”.

This is a time when anything connected to Mars will take a step forward. From formulating ideas and putting them together in starting up a new project (don't start until Mercury is direct), for seeing someone you are attracted to and making the first move, for having the confidence in doing something that you might not normally try or take on. It's time to take a step forward and to trust in your own abilities.

In the world around us, this brings confidence to nations who have military intentions, it may bring a positive attitude and clear thinking to the cardinals in Rome who will be attending the conclave to elect a new pope, however with 115 voters who will have their own views and with Mercury retrograde showing a propensity for reflective thought, I think it may be a little while until they come to a collective decision. 

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