Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran - Honours are bestowed

olympic medals

This aspect is active from today until the 26th March 2013.

This is the third and final hit from Jupiter to the royal star Aldebaran, the star in the eye of the bull in Taurus. This star is the known as the "Watcher of the East" and confers honour and glory on anyone who has a planet or angle connected to it, so long as you keep your integrity and you are honest and true. This star is judgmental and if you fall from those high standards, then you will lose everything and more.

The first hit to Aldebaran occurred in mid summer of last year coinciding with the Olympic Games in London, and medals and glory were given to the athletes who competed the best. The second hit was in December when Jupiter was retrograde between the 6th and the 20th and this saw the darker side of Jupiter and this star as it coincided with the mass shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. The astrologer Robson says that this star when connected to Jupiter it does favour high ecclesiastical honour, and so appropriately, this last hit will see the crowning of a new Pope.

Let's hope that whoever they choose, he has a clear conscience and no skeletons in the cupboard, as he will have this star conjunct to Jupiter when the new pontiff is announced. If any skeletons do exist, then this influence will seek them out and eventually destroy him.

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