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Japan – Aries Ingress Chart 2013

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This time around I have decided to look at the ingress charts of Japan to see where their priorities lie ahead in the coming months. The ingress chart is the moment the Sun crosses the 0 degrees Aries point, and many Astrologers say that it sets the tone and the themes for the place it is set, until the next cardinal ingress point at the beginning of Cancer.


As with the earlier UK and US ingress chart I looked at, we have the same pattern of planets dotted around however because of the change in location on earth they switch houses and thus influence. On this chart we have a yod aimed at Jupiter from Saturn and Pluto, a grand water trine (Moon, Mercury/Neptune, Saturn) and a t-square from a Moon Pluto opposition aimed at a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction. What can I deduce this time around for Japan?

The Sun and Venus sit in the 5th house, so artistically and creatively this could be an inspiring time for Japanese artists, musicians, designers and creators. Sport and entertainment will be favoured by the people and there may be a focus on children’s issues. With Venus in the 5th house (ruling the 8th) but conjunct to Mars and Uranus, the Japanese stock markets may be quite volatile in the next few months, rising quickly and falling sharply.

The people will be very focused on international affairs, those on the seas around Japan and in particular the fate of any islands and colonies that Japan owns. Faith and legal issues may also preoccupy the interests of the people. The opposition between Pluto and the Moon across the international and foreign axis (the 3rd/9th) squaring onto Uranus and Mars in the 6th house of the forces and national defence looks risky and Japan may have to react if any of their dependencies are threatened. I am thinking of China and her advances towards the Senkaku island chain which lies between the two nations. Pluto showing power sits in the 3rd house of neighbouring nations, surely representing the next superpower on Japan’s doorstep. Japan currently controls these islands, but China would dearly like to. This t-square could indicate that a sudden dispute and potential military action to defend the islands could get out of control very quickly. There is also one other dangerous possibility here. Pluto rules the nuclear industry and this t-square if it were activated by a malefic influence could see an accident or incident (Mars Uranus) at one of their power plants (possibly at Fukushima which is still unstable) that could severely affect the people (Moon).

The Saturn Pluto square shows where reform and rebuilding needs to occur, and with Saturn in the 1st house of national pride and the people and Pluto the planet of heavy industry and transformation in the 3rd house of infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools) this chart indicates that these are still priorities after the tsunami of March 2011. This sextile forms a yod focusing on Jupiter sitting in the Japanese 8th house. Reform and success may come though Japan’s multinational companies. They need to change but if they do, riches will follow. Japan’s currency may do well I feel on the international currency exchanges and relations between Japan and the rest of the world should be cordial; they may as a result of trade be able to improve their balance of payments.

The grand water trine on this chart favours the government of Shinzo Abe who took power late last year. Saturn, the sign of administration sits in the Japanese 1st house, so the one with the power and is in charge has favour now and with Neptune in the 4th house of the opposition, his opponents look decidedly weak and confused. The Moon represented by the people completing the grand trine shows that the people of Japan will clearly see this situation, and with Leo ruling the 10th house of the leadership, Mr Abe will continue to shine and dominate the spotlight.

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