Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Saturn conjunct Alphecca - Accepting a change but a price to pay.

crown of thorns 1

This aspect is effective from today until 25th February 2013

Saturn in the next few days starts to make contact with the fixed star Alphecca which sits in the constellation of Corona Borealis, the woman's crown. This constellation represents a garland of flowers but laced with thorns. As such you may get an honour, a gift or an advancement in your life or position, but it will come with a price attached or a cross that you have to bear. Often you have no choice in the matter as the "gift" comes through a moment of fortune or through an association that one makes.

Saturn represents slow steady advancement in life, restrictions and the passage of time and connecting with this star one can assume that any advancement made now will have as it's price some strict conditions that you will have to adhere to, maybe time restrictions may apply to you. Maybe the gift you will receive will be an arduous one where you will have to work diligently to get any type of reward? If you make any advancement now through meeting someone, maybe the fortune coming your way will be through the actions of a senior person in your life, someone to whom you will remain accountable to in the future?

In the world I suspect that governments around the world will use this aspect to reform parts of their economy that are failing or are corrupt, by putting them under severe pressure to tow the line. Remember Saturn while making this contact will be sextile to Pluto, so this connection will especially apply to big business, the banks, financial institutions and heavy industry as well as the black economy and behind the scenes dealing too.

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