Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mars conjunct Ankaa and Achernar - Renewing in the face of uncertainty...

phoenix 2

This connection is valid from now until Saturday 23rd February 2013

This is an interesting set of stars that Mars is encountering. Ankaa is the star in the Phoenix constellation and we all know how the fiery bird rises from the ashes, so here we see the same effect happening, a cycle of life and death, beginnings and endings, seeing a situation renewed, replenished or regenerated at the expense of something older and worn out. Achernar I wrote about just a few days ago on my Facebook page. The star in Eridanus the constellation of "The River", it highlights chaotic events, quick moving problems which can turn into a crisis.

Mars arriving here shows force and action, so we could see a situation where a crisis or chaotic situation is created, and then averted because of rapid action, and as such there is a new start because of the solutions found. This could be because of an accident and rescue situation, a military event or one connected to the police, maybe on water or in some sort of transportation as Mercury stations while this aspect is happening...

Look for the same issues in your life. As Mars in is Pisces, inventive ideas can renew old matters that are no longer of use to you. This option may be forced upon you as you are thrown into a situation that you were completely not expecting. Keep your wits about you in the next few days as they may be needed...

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  1. The mars is entering the 4th house for me, No idea what will happen. Thanks for the post though, I found it very informative.


  2. Thanks Paul for this highlighting of the two stars fixed Ankaa and Achemar



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