Monday, 14 January 2013

Venus conjunct Facies – A focus on finance and social issues


This conjunction is now approaching and will be exact on Wednesday 16th January

This breaks a quiet period where we have had very few significant planet star connections. Venus is a socially based, it is the planet of love and relationships, also the one representing money and finance in the heavens. Venus also is a planet of beauty, of design (in an artistic sense) and in the international arena the one which highlights diplomacy.

Venus’ meeting with Facies is a meeting of light and shade especially as this connection sees Venus making a conjunction with intense Pluto. The gentle qualities of Venus are arriving in a ruthless and very focused part of the sky. All the above issues may take on a much more heightened awareness in your life and in the world. There may be very strong and impassioned comment debate and criticism over money and financial issues. Banks and financial institutions that are over stepping the mark may well be the targets of this. The same could be said in the creative world as some music, art or design could be the focus of controversial opinions. In love and relationships, you may be impelled to start a relationship that you were not expecting to fall into, and crimes of passion and love may occur in the world as a result of this conjunction. In social issues, those in charge may decide to be ruthless with any people who overstep the line of the law, and people who feel strongly about an issue will make their feelings plainly felt. Any diplomatic talks may be highly charged with counties taking definite sides that may highlight splits or divisions.

You know with this aspect I think of cupid or the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus in London. We have the archer (Facies is in the constellation of Sagittarius) combined with the symbol of love. This archer mind you not only fires arrows of love, he shoots ones that can hurt and kill. These are a couple of days when injustice, jealousy and passions of all kinds will rise and determined opposition will be activated counter them. If you are firing arrows this week, make sure your target is the correct one and your shot is straight and true, otherwise you may get back in return more than you bargained for.

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