Monday, 14 January 2013

Mars conjunct Sualocin – Getting the motivation to express one's talents


This aspect is valid from 16th January until 20th January 2013

Everyone is born with some sort of talent. Some you find early in your life and some take time to develop. You may be hugely artistic or musical, or you may have a more mundane talent like being able to cook a great meal, fixing things that have broken down or even just being able to relate and chat to people in a way that relaxes them fully. Sualocin is a wonderful star in the constellation of Delphinus the dolphin, which highlights one's talents or the mastery of a particular sphere of life.

Think of a dolphin, a highly intelligent animal, curious, sociable, cheeky, playful and very skillful. Dolphins love their freedom and swim often thousands of miles across the oceans of the earth. These qualities are brought out through this star, and when Mars comes along to conjunct with Sualocin, then the planet of action and force brings us the energy and ambition to make the most of what we do best. It is time to maximize and improve our skills or even if we are interested in something new to try it out, as you never know there might just be latent abilities hidden within us that we just haven't discovered yet. Use these few days wisely and they can be of great benefit to you, and bring you great fun and enjoyment in the process.

In the wider world, those with great skills and mastery will tend to shine. Maybe we will see great sporting feats under this influence? As Mars is moving in Aquarius, there could be technological advances or new discoveries in the universe or in outer space which bring wonder and surprise? Maybe somebody's brave actions will deserve full reward? In a military sense, maybe planned operations go perfectly to plan?

Not often can I look on an influence and say it is truly positive, but with this one I feel that there are very few downsides to this conjunction that I can think of. In this regard I urge you to open up your lives and try something new, or to use the abilities that you possess to improve not only your own life, but to bring amazement and joy to the lives of other people too.

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