Sunday, 23 December 2012

Venus Conjunct Antares - Deep passions, divided opinions


This aspect is valid now and also on Christmas Eve

Venus is now making contact with Antares the watcher of the West and the heart of the Scorpion in Scorpio, one of the most significant stars in the sky. Venus rules relationships and money whereas Antares is linked to high passions, mental alertness, risk taking, fierce determination and violence. There is a military link to Antares and interestingly Manilius, an ancient astrologer in the 1st Century AD wrote that "The Scorpion presides over arms".

How utterly appropriate then that US opinion and the people are now deeply divided over two aspects of life, guns and taxes. Robson said of the Venus Antares connection that it was " Insincere, dishonest, energetic and able but selfish". I think that rather sums up the people at the middle of the two main arguments carrying on in the United States right now, don't you??

In your own lives, this Christmas could well see a lot of fun and passion as these two influences meet up on tehe 24th December. There is not so much money flying around now, and most people are a bit short of cash, so I can see everyone going out and making a real party and not worrying about how much everything costs, for one night at least.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone...

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  1. I would add, this new year's Eve is associated with the past, family habits, Child the asteroid is in conjunction with Uranus who can speak of emotional support with a child that little cross a fix. It should not last since the Moon reaching the Moon sextile Jupiter should bring a revival - wouldn't be this psychological social failing. Morale should take up the torch of any way in this materialistic world it has not too much non-choice?
    Welcome not frozen to outdated fears, we must throw them away from our consciousness to find inner peace. March is always in conjunction Eros, it is where his arrow to our legendary hero?, to the trigone of the moon it will easily find a target. As long as Eros continues to run its blows of hearts everything will be for the best of worlds.
    After the opposition of mercury and Jupiter, this is Venus in conjunction the fixed star Antares which arrives in opposition Jupiter which stands out from the star fixed Aldebaran (but to come back a little later when direct resumed) something will make you will be tormented about what? , by who? you are not going to start packing for trivial, things?
    A new year that starts well! take on you and stop unnecessary return shock, you better to do to make this new year's Eve again an ordinary day?
    Think about the others you will much better after
    ♥ ♥ ⋰⋰ Merry Christmas Eve⋰⋰ ♥ ♥

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