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Patrick Moore – The father of British astronomy


It was reported this afternoon that Patrick Moore, the TV Astronomer who brought the planets, stars and constellations to the masses on TV in the UK passed away aged 89. Patrick was a legend in the UK and a fine scientist too, appearing on his show “The Sky at Night” regularly since 1957, one of the longest running TV programmes on the BBC. I take a quick look at his astrology chart and at the man who brought Astronomy to a wider audience.

PatrickMoore natal

Patrick was born on 4th March 1923 reportedly at 10am (Astro Databank) although this time is disputed. He had his Pisces Sun closely conjunct Uranus square to his Gemini ascendant, a magnet to look towards the stars if ever there was one, and then to talk about them. Patrick's Mercury in Aquarius was conjunct his Midheaven in the same sign, opposed by Neptune, the planet of broadcasting. Mercury also received a trine from Saturn, the planet of ambition and career - he was the first and probably only ever astronomer who became a household name through his TV show, "The Sky at Night".

The Neptune Mercury opposition in his chart made a t-square with lucky, optimistic and knowledgeable Jupiter at the point of the formation - also a link to the international fame and travel that his astronomy career afforded him as well as a love of music too - he played the xylophone with aplomb. His popular and fair minded Libran Moon sat in the 5th house of entertainment as was his North Node. Patrick was always destined to bring his love of astronomy to a wider audience and this Moon making a trine to Venus in Capricorn would have brought him popularity and a thoughtful caring attitude. This was a passionate man with Venus square to his Mars in Taurus, someone who was determined, patient and unselfish, the Moon in Taurus in the 12th house is very much motivated to work on behalf of, and for the betterment of, other people.

Pluto in his 2nd house trine to the Sun and Uranus craves to be notable in one’s group and Patrick was made President of the British Astronomical Society, a position he would have cherished. That Pluto would have been fixated with money and possessions and Patrick would have known that he would have had to project his passion into TV to gain the money to live the luxury life that this Pluto needs. Pluto trine Uranus is revolutionary, but in a good way and he certainly changed the way everyone in Britain regarded the stars and planets circling above us all.

Looking at the stars on the day of his birth, Patrick was born with Mars conjunct Mirach one of the stars in Andromeda in the constellation of the Princess, a conjunction which made him receptive to new ideas, and I think this conjunction motivated him to act upon them. Uranus conjunct Achernar in Eridanus (the constellation of the River) brought him a love of science, knowledge and of course of the stars and planets. His North Node on Denebola, the tail of the Lion in Leo I think encouraged him to give a voice to Astronomers across the UK and the world, a group who had previously been seen as "alternative" and who had no other significant voice within society. In an age when the space race to the Moon and explorations to the planets hotted up, Patrick was there as the BBC's resident expert to explain the complexities of the cosmos to the masses. His Jupiter sat on the star Zuben Eschamali in Libra and this position singled him out as a king of his profession and it guaranteed him recognition for his work.

Looking at his star parans, Patrick had Menkar in Cetus the whale rising on his ascendant on the day of his birth, a star which connected him to the masses. The one other remarkable star paran connection was Sirius, the dog star or the "the Shining One" rising as the Moon was culminating (reaching it's highest point in the sky). Sirius brings fame for an action that one does or it finds a sacred purpose for everyday or mundane work. Patrick's claim to fame above all others was his detailed mapping of the Moon, no doubt helped by his North Node sitting in precise and patient Virgo, which set a standard that people still follow today.

Sir Patrick certainly inspired me to have an interest in the stars and the planets. He will be greatly missed by myself, and all who have a love of wonders of the universe...

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