Monday, 13 August 2012

The rebirth of a proud (and slightly bonkers) nation.

london closing ceremony

The party’s over, but what a party it’s been!! As someone who hails from London, this morning I am welled up with enormous pride. Last night, at the end of the closing ceremony of the most fabulous Olympic Games ever, I shed a tear or two and I suspect I wasn’t alone. In Britain we will never forget the last two weeks. We invited the world to our wonderful eccentric country, we opened our hearts and the love poured out. And you know what? In the process, we as a nation found a new self-confidence; Britain transformed live on TV before your very eyes.

UnitedKingdom natal  

You know, the more you look at an astrology chart, the more you see. Just have a look at the UK and I’ll point out just a couple of things. Firstly, that Uranus conjunct the UK ascendant. Uranus is eccentric, Uranus is unique, electric, humanitarian, a bit cool but oh so friendly, Uranus is pink and purple, garish and brash, Uranus leads the way, Uranus in Libra is sociable, welcoming and alternative. The crazy uninhibited side of the nation is there, but lies behind a mask as Uranus sits hidden in the 12th house. To see the true Britain, that mask would need to be lifted, the serious Capricorn Sun (the stiff upper lip) which also connects to the Midheaven and Ascendant would have to be transformed. As I will show later, in the last few weeks, it was.

Every single one of those qualities I just listed were seen in the London Olympics right down to the colour scheme of the “Games Makers”, the thousands of volunteers clad in pink and purple who made the Games what it was. The notion of volunteering of course is Uranian in nature. Uranus on the UK chart makes a wonderful trine to jovial Jupiter in proud Leo and a square to the UK Midheaven, the face of the nation. Those happy cheerful, helpful volunteers were the face of London 2012 and represented all that is best about the UK.

That Jupiter Uranus sextile makes a Yod focusing on Pluto in the 5th house of sports and games, which in turn makes a trine back to the UK Midheaven. Yods are turning points, and Pluto at the point of a Yod is the most transformational aspect you could imagine, a point in time when activated that can tear down old structures and forms, the ugly old caterpillar transforms in it’s cocoon and a beautiful colourful butterfly emerges.

UnitedKingdom transits

The keys to the amazing success of the Olympic Games in Britain were shown in the transiting outer planets to the UK chart. Transiting Uranus which makes such an impact on the natal chart on the descendant opposing that Libran ascendant. Pluto, sitting bang on the nadir of the UK chart in conjunction with the UK Sun, almost exactly opposite the Midheaven. Neptune sitting exactly on natal Pluto activating the natal Yod and trine to the Midheaven. The transiting Nodes square to Pluto also focusing their energy on the tip of that Yod – huge outer planetary energy that cannot be denied.

Uranus here showed the wild and wacky side as well as the great humanity of the British people. Neptune in the 5th house brought competitive dreams that transformed a nation, an inspirational connection that showed that sport could bring about a change of mood and attitude. Within the change, we also found unity. Britain, a patchwork quilt of a nation, made up of of people of all different colours, creeds and beliefs, all sown together under one banner, the Union flag.

Pluto, most powerful of all on a critical angle affecting the Sun as well as north, south, east and west of the chart, the phoenix planet burning down old preconceptions and that natural reserved face of a Capricorn nation, revealing a new confident country. Amazing and so appropriate that a fiery phoenix was used in the closing ceremony to symbolize the extinguishing of the Olympic flame. From the inferno of violence during the London riots just one year ago to the triumph of the London Games, the transformation from fear and frustration to confidence and success was complete; Britain had truly risen from the ashes. The Nodes square to transiting Neptune and natal Pluto symbolising a turn of fate, a maturing of attitudes and a realisation that we Brits can compete with anyone and prove that we are the most radical, inspirational and slightly bonkers country on planet earth.

And what does this teach us all? Don’t be afraid of those outer planets when they make difficult angles on your own chart. Don’t be afraid of change, of walking the more difficult path than the easy one. Embrace your fears, treat every day positively as a new challenge and you too can have those glorious moments in the sun like we in Britain have now had; of unbridled joy and of new found optimism.

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