Sunday, 22 July 2012

The stars over Aurora as the community mourns.

paying respects

So often we astrologers look at the violent terrible events and then forget that life goes on after a tragedy and in the heavens, the stars reflect this too. I thought it pertinent mainly for my American readers to take a look at the stars after the dust has settled.

Transits Aurora

The main horoscope has not moved on much since a couple of days ago. The Moon representing the people and their emotions is now in Virgo for a day or so and the prevailing emotion will be one of service and of small individual tributes. A day of remembrance is planned for Sunday and this is in line with the general synopsis. The Moon will then progress into Libra and connect with Mars and the violent t-square that was such a part of the awful events of the past week all across the world. I suspect this conjunction will precipitate anger and a need in the community for action and controls to try, if it is possible, to prevent such a massacre happening again. Mercury is in trine with Uranus so bright ideas and new concepts can be found. It is interesting that both these planets are retrograde, as if you are revisiting old issues. With the Columbine massacre still fresh in the consciousness of many in the local community, indeed they are and maybe this time around pubic opinion will force the issue to change attitudes?

In such a country as America, where the right to defend oneself is enshrined within the constitution, how does one go about making the population more responsible in the use of firearms and violent weapons? In the UK where I live, we have rigidly strict gun licensing laws and many type of guns are completely banned, a result of two massacres we suffered too, in Dunblane in Scotland and in Hungerford. Our society has been so much safer since these laws were passed, gun crime is rare and the murder rate is thankfully very low in the UK, and maybe America should have a close look at the way we have dealt with these issues.

Moon Alkes

Back to the Astrology and a look at the fixed stars over Aurora at 39 degrees North today. The Sun is in paran with Vindemiatrix now, suggesting a gathering of people and it culminates as the star Al Rescha in Pisces is setting showing that one individual unites or polarizes society. The Moon on 22nd July culminates with Alkes, “The Sacred Cup”. Here is love and empathy for life and the living and for those who have passed and a time when one must focus on what can be saved from a situation. In the background, Mars sets with Zosma in Leo indicating having to work in very trying and difficult situations and dealing with suffering (I think of the police officers and hospital workers here too) and Saturn rises as Altair in Aquila (the Eagle) is  on the nadir, showing bravery and honour colouring the lives of many in the community. With Saturn conjunct Spica in the heavens, the leaders and those in authority should react carefully and appropriately, something which is really needed.

In this post I have tried to show that the stars and planets do not show doom and gloom all the time and they reflect the mood of the public before and after an event. A small snapshot for one place on earth at one very sensitive and particular moment in time. It’s going to be a long journey for the people of Colorado and of America to get over this horrid event, and I hope that they can react with restraint and with cool heads…

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