Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer floods and banking scandals in the UK – it’s all linked…


This summer in the UK has been dominated by two themes so far; a complete and total washout weather wise and news of complacent bankers illegally setting interest rates. Since records began, never has so much rain fallen and so consistently with both April and now June posting records of total rainfall and July has started off in the same vein. Why? Is it down to global warming or are we in the UK just simply unlucky? In the city of London, a scandal broke after it emerged that Barclays Bank had been manipulating the Libor rate, the interbank interest rates so that they could make millions more on interest payments. American Bob Diamond, the CEO of Barclays promptly fell on his sword after increasing pressure from members of Parliament and the press, however he hinted that Barclays had not been the only bank carrying out this dubious practice.

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I think that both these events are down to a simple planetary alignment which is causing all the misery. On the UK natal chart, Pluto planet of big business and banking as well as ruling things which can go out of control causing death and destruction sits in the speculative 5th house in Pisces. In a financial sense, this is very much a double edged sword as can be seen clearly by the city of London, one of the world’s premiere financial centres. Pluto allows the UK to benefit from unrestrained growth and power. Big finance, stocks, shares and hedge funds are all risky ventures where one can win big but also lose big too, very much representing the 5th house placing and Pluto in Pisces has the potential for unrestrained growth or losses.

Now, all the problems in the past year or so this summer I think has been caused by two factors. Right now Neptune is sitting absolutely bang on the UK Pluto. Neptune (and the UK Pluto) in the heavens is now conjunct the fixed star Sadalmelek which sits in the constellation of Aquarius. Sadalmelek is considered a very lucky star and the UK Pluto (and the city of London) for years now has benefitted from this conjunction. This type of luck is considered “luck of your own making”. Remember this for later on. Now the transit of Neptune coming along to conjunct with Pluto caused a huge problem. Here we have the planet of failed dreams and deception sitting on the hub of power for the UK financial industry. It has emerged that a lot of the huge profits that the banks were making was indeed down to “luck of their own making”!! Neptune moves very slowly so isn’t going to get cleared up very soon.

Back to the weather, and Neptune of course rules water and thus rain. Neptune in Aquarius is sitting on one of the main stars in the shoulder of the water bearer in the skies. Neptune conjunct Sadalmelek conjunct to Pluto promises limitless amounts of water which is out of control, and bang on time we have had storm system followed by storm system sweeping across Britain for what seems weeks now. All this precipitation is setting new records and the floods all across the UK are destroying houses, affecting many, many lives and wrecking our summer. At least the British are rather used to having wet miserable summers but saying that, this one is proving a bit much even for us!!

Why the timing of these events hitting right now, seeing as this influence is sitting over us in the UK for a couple of years? Well, the transiting nodal axis is now exactly square this potent conjunction on the UK chart, bringing unusual unforeseen twists of fate and events to happen. If you are in the UK, expect the unexpected as well as the beginning of a major shake up in the financial rules that the city has to work under.  Why? The answer is the transiting Nodal Axis again, which is changing houses on the UK chart, entering a 2 and a half year phase crossing the 2nd/8th house axis with the North Node in the 2nd house of the UK finances and the South Node moving through the 8th house of big business.

Just shows you that these planets work on many different levels all at the same time for the same aspect on one individual chart. That’s why astrology is so fascinating and yet so infuriating to us astrologers when we are trying to make accurate predictions. As for silver linings from all this doom and gloom in the UK ? At least the drought warnings and hosepipe bans have now been lifted, and about time too…

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