Sunday, 22 July 2012

Huge underground water supply found under the deserts of Namibia.


I love astrology!! From my last post where in China they are having too much water and rain falling on them causing floods to this story from the deserts of Namibia. Scientists have found a huge underground store of water, such a precious commodity in dry countries sitting deep under the Northern Namibian desert. Apparently there is so much sitting there in this aquifer, that it could supply the north of the country for 400 years!!

Namibia natal 

The natal Namibian chart has the Sun in the 4th house of Sagittarius so this country relies on the land (4th house). This is a vast harsh, environment  - Jupiter and Saturn is in Virgo in the first house square to the natal Sun and it is difficult to ply an existence where drought and lack of rain makes life hard. The country also relies on mining and its underground resources, and Pluto in the 10th house of national reputation quindecile to the Sun and Taurus (the planet of resources) on the cusp of the 9th house signifying international trade shows this clearly. With Uranus and the Moon together in the 6th house of routine, you can see that the population (Moon) are in the majority (around 50%) derived from independent (Uranus) farmers.

Namibia transits

Look at that Uranus, the planet of surprises in the 6th house. It sits quindecile to lucky expansive Jupiter and is at 2:17 Pisces, trine to Pluto the planet which signifies things hidden and underground. Today’s announcement happened as Neptune the planet of water at 2:36 Pisces connected conjunct to that Uranus, thus it activates that trine to Pluto and quindecile to Jupiter. The transiting Nodal Axis is also square this conjunction bringing fate and a change to the destiny of this barren country. It will irrevocably change the face of agriculture in Namibia which could bring new wealth and prosperity. Good luck to them…  

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