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Enrique Peña Nieto – A new fresh face for Mexico.


It looks like Mexico has a new President as Enrique Peña Nieto seems to have taken a big enough share of the vote (37% at the last count) in Mexico’s election take over from outgoing President Felipe Calderon. His victory brings the old Mexico party, the PRI, back into power the first time since the year 2000 after years in the wilderness following accusations of corruption and associations with drug lords and gangs. Mr Peña Nieto is a new breed from my generation of the mid to late 60’s, and with his wife Angelica will cut a suave and fashionable presence in the circle of world leaders.


Enrique was born on 20th July 1966 in Atlacomulco, Mexico (no birth time known – the above time is speculative) so he is a Sun sign Cancerian. His Moon could either be in showy Leo or more conservative and careful Virgo, the switch of sign came around 6am on the day of his birth. If anyone has an official birth time please could you email me with it. As a Cancerian, Enrique will be motivated by nostalgia and a love of his country, he more than likely will be emotional and he will probably be very sensitive and prickly to criticism, but as with all Cancerians I know he will also exude a sunny disposition and a very caring attitude.

Regarding which sign the Moon is in one incident in Enrique’s life makes me strongly suspect that he does have a Virgo Moon, the death of his first wife Monica in January 2007. She tragically passed away after an epileptic fit when transiting Uranus which is very closely conjunct Enrique’s natal Pluto was potentially opposing his natal Moon, the most likely scenario for a shock death of a woman close to Enrique. On January 11th 2007, transiting Uranus was at 11 degrees Pisces, so for an opposition to have occurred his natal Moon must have been in the opposing sign of Virgo, probably close to 11 degrees. This would bring his birth time later in the day on 20th July. I suspect seeing that he suffered this shock to his wife, and the known fact that he has had extra marital affairs while he was married leads me to think that the disruptive Uranus Pluto conjunction sits in his 7th house of permanent partners and his Moon straddles the descendant sitting in the 6th of the workaholic and man who sees himself as a self-confessed Mr fix-it (rather like Mitt Romney).

On this chart, Saturn seems to be the most influential planet sitting square to Mars and Venus, trine to the Sun and quindecile to that Pluto Uranus conjunction. Saturn is at the Aries point on the chart (very close to 0 Aries), a degree that often points to one being in the public eye, in Enrique’s case in an authoritarian (Saturn) role. Saturn is in Pisces, the sign which rules narcotics so I would imagine he will continue the war on drugs that his predecessor Calderon started. Saturn’s quindecile to Uranus (and Pluto) shows he is a reformer (Uranus) of sorts and his premiership will change him as a person (Pluto). Many people born of this generation with a close conjunction of Uranus & Pluto in Virgo are ones who will go through great personal changes in their lives as the transiting planets interact with this connection.

Saturn’s square to Virgo in mutable Gemini shows a changeable attitude to relationship, interspersed with frequent disappointments and lessons thus learned. Saturn square Mars in Cancer shows a patient and disciplined attitude to advancing his career and ambitions, he will have good determination but will feel that his this is a battle that he must fight alone, and when he is denied a chance to advance his goals, he will get grumpy and rather irritable in the manner of his Cancerian Sun. That Sun is trine Saturn which brings his a sober and mature attitude, able to carry out one’s responsibilities in a dutiful manner. He will feel that his place is to lead and now he has been a chance to fulfil these obligations he will feel within him.

Moving back to Venus and Mars for a second, a conjunction between the two can lead to someone who in relationship situations makes the first move. Often people with this placement can be very amorous and thus quite annoying to those of a more sensitive nature, and certainly these people tend to divide opinion, you either love’em or hate’em. The fact that Venus is in Gemini which can and enjoys doing two things at once, plus his “forward” nature as well as the Moon being potentially conjunct that disruptive Uranus Pluto conjunction in my view overrides the Cancerian nature to protect the family unit at all costs. Enrique will be his own worst enemy when it comes to dealing with women.

Jupiter sits in Cancer and so he will have an easy going charm which will be difficult to ignore, he will and can make people accepted and as part of a group, he can galvanise large groups to follow his lead. This Jupiter is trine to Neptune, which is broad minded, imaginative and tolerant and this attitude is focused onto the Uranus Pluto conjunction making a mini grand trine which urges one to change society for the better. Add this to the Saturn trine Sun urge to run things, and one can see why he entered politics from an early age.

Mercury sits peregrine to all the other planets on this chart and in Leo shows that he is a confident, brash and one would think entertaining speaker who promises big ideas. In the age of TV and image, Enrique will feel happy being in the limelight with this Mercury in Leo and the emotion and gravitas from the Saturn Sun trine will bring a seriousness to his message. In truth it is a wonderful combination for a politician or someone who’s job is to promote a message to the masses.

saturn scheat

Looking at the stars on his birth, his Mars was conjunct the star Murzim in Canis Major making him a forthright and confident speaker, his Saturn was conjunct Scheat (in Pegasus) which brings a great ability with technical data, able to number crunch and work with data and sets of information with ease. On the day of his birth, his Sun rose with Procyon which is in Canis Minor bring him exceptional skills but in a narrow field of interest; this star urges him to spread his sphere of knowledge to have success into his latter years. As a career politician, one can see that he has indeed been focused on one goal in his life. Finally, the Moon was rising as the star Agena (in Centaurus) was reaching the Midheaven in the sky giving him the common touch and an understanding of the people. It seems he connected well with them, as he is now set to be their next President.

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